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Hetton Youth, Junior & TriStars Open Water Triathlon 21 July 2018 (Saturday)

Hetton Youth & Junior/TriStars 2 & 3 Team Relay (Saturday)

Hetton Youth & Junior Sprint triathlon:




WHAT WE DID IN 2014-2010


NE Grand Prix Results
Duathlon Series
Isaac Dunn and Robyn Waugh take 1st place for juniors
Junior Triathlon
Joe Swanston 1st Tristar 1 and Daniel Dixon 1st Tristar 2
Robyn Waugh is 3rd senior triathlete and at the other end of the age spectrum Eric Blakie is 1st male vintage.

Helvellyn Tri
Weather absolutely fantastic - clear blue skies and views to die for - and many probably thought they were. A very cold start in the morning and although the stated water temp was 14 deg C most were glad to get into the lake to warm their toes. On the climb up Helvellyn it really was warm - thanks to John and Jackie for the extra water near the summit [ooo - is that legal??].

This race is certainly getting big - apparently nearly 800 entrants but just over 600 started according to the results. Davey Garner was best Ryton Tri - by far - coming in at 4 hrs 2 mins and 4th Vet 40. Next Hedley Fletcher 39th Vet 40 in 4 hrs 29 mins - think he enjoyed it - not! Finally Big E 2nd Vintage in 4 hrs 59 mins - the swim and bike was ok but I'm afraid there was little in the old legs for the climb and even less for the descent - very demoralising when 2 young girls about 6 and 7 virtually sprint past you coming down the zig zags screeming 'no brakes no brakes' - mine were on fire ! Eric

Ironman Copenhagen
Continuing his world tour of Ironman competitions, Big-E writes:
Ironman Copenhagen is a really nice course. The swim is in a protected sea lagoon,the bike course has no serious hills on it and the run is right in the centre of Copenhagen with masses of spectators. On the day they reckoned on 200,000 in total with 150,000 in Copenhagen. But last Sunday the weather unusually was simply awful - very cold at swim start ie 6 deg C air temp and water temp about 17,very windy and just to make it completely miserable it fairly chucked it down from half-way on the bike till the end of the run. Swim one lap and under 5 bridges massed with supporters, bike 2 laps and run 4 laps(I don't really want to see the Little Mermaid again!). As for me - well in control setting a 12 hr target, my usual 1.12 swim and a sensible 5.57 bike, run going as fine as it can in an IM to 8km from end and looking like an 11.40 finish - that is until I went really dizzy and it took all my concentration to stay upright, had to walk even though legs were fine to run, jogged a bit, walked a bit more, went dizzy again then promptly threw up twice with almost no warning - missed spectators but did get some applause - that has never happened to me before - the throwing up that is. So lost 30 mins however still came in a respectable 12 hrs 12 mins. An hour in med tent just to get warm again - never been so cold in an IM race for the whole day. But the Danes are a fun lot, very noisy supporters and very hospitable - and a finish right in the centre of one of the nicest major cities is certainly a moment to savour - I recommend it!!

Spanish City Tri
Big-E writes: This is a new race today put on by Phil Grey's Total Racing - good venue but cool sea and very very strong cross winds. An early start 8.00am as no closed roads but it seemed to work ok and a decent route - both bike and run 2 laps. The wind certainly spoiled almost everything with gusts apparently up to 50 mph and getting stronger. I had a disc on the back and just as well I'm a big lad otherwise I'd have ended up in Denmark ! kept the season's record going with another win in the Male Vintage category !

Ironman UK - Bolton
Big E won his age group at Ironman UK Bolton last Sunday and duly claimed his slot for the world championships in Kona Hawaii in October. Lei and slot presented by non other than 3 times Kona Champ Craig Alexander.
Big E

Alan Blakie was 35th out of the 2000 competitors in 10hrs 14 mins  but only 10th in his age group - he is really unlucky that so many fast guys are turning up in his age group - but he had bad gut issues half way through the run which cost him dearly - 10 mins faster and he'd have also had a Kona slot - he recovered to run last 5 km in 18 mins which I think was the fastest last 5 km of anybody!!

Ian Walton also finished in 11 hrs 31 min and Rob Churnside in 15 hrs 31 mins - both their first Ironman so no longer IM virgins - and many thanks from Big E to Rob who although a couple laps behind, managed to chivy him up when he was struggling up an incline on my last lap - that may well have helped him to Kona.

Ripon Tour Sportive
Following the route of Stage 1 of the Tour de France, Hedley and the Hinnies completed the 104 mile loop in 6 hours 51 - ave speed of 15mph! Fastest time for the route was 5 hours 30 and the slowest 9 hours [bet the slowest was able to take in the many splendid views though!!]

Ponteland Tri
Gemma Frost was first female and 1st in her age-group and Big-E was 1st Vet.

Iroman Austria
Congratulations to Dave Garner who completed this in an incredible time of 9:41:24 - 31st in his age group!

Elite Youth Relay Event - Russia
Congratulations to Jordan Hull, Jack Willis & Kate Waugh who were in Russia as part of the team representing GBR in the Elite Youth Relay Event. Our girls won gold and the boys took silver but apparently would have taken gold had it not been for some bovine intervention.....!

Big-E no longer a virgin!
OK 3rd and on podium - first time at a National Champs - had I been run fit (did my calf at Keswick 300m from end) it would have been a close thing as the 1st/2nd place guys were 8 mins faster but after swim/bike we were all right together - tried to run Thursday (que?) but got a mile and had to walk - it lasted 2 miles here before I had to gimp on one leg - normally I can do a 42 mins 10 km on a flat course like this. Frustrating to see them pass you when you aren't out of breath. But a nice medal, silver plate and a bottle wine.
Big E

Blaydon Race
On a muggy evening Matty Alderson completed the race in 32:34 followed closely by Hedley Fletcher in 34:26

Northumberland Tri
In the sprint distance:
Ross Walton 1:15:00 - 38th overall and 15th in cat, Anthony spence 1:23:41 - 83rd overall and 24 in cat, Caroline Murray 1:42:00 - 179th overall and 10th in cat (although she might only have completed one lap of the run having forgotten that 2 was required.... :-) )

Matty Alderson 2:09:42 - 15th overall and 10th in cat, Hedley 2:13:07 - 17th overall and 5th in cat Eric 2:23:49 - 47th overall and 1st in cat, Robert Churnside 2:42:39 - 103rd overall and 30th in cat.

The Hetton Lyons Country Park Youth & Junior Festival 
Congratulations to Jordan Hull for securing his place on the GBR youth relay squad heading for Russia while Jack Willis and Kate Waugh still get to travel as reserves.

Cleveland Junior Duathlon
At the other end of the age range, our two youngest members - Daniel Dixon and Joe Swanston took part in this race and both took top spots in their tristar start and T2 races.

Lanzarote Ironman
Father and Son - Eric n Alan Blakie completed this very tough Ironman in 13:11.59 (7th in age group) and 10:03:33 (12th in agegroup and 75th overall) respectively. Sadly (or ridiculously depending on your viewpoint) Eric didn't think he had a chance of qualifying for Kona - only to be told that they'd called his name 3 times and when he didn't reply, the place went to the 8th person....!!

Ashington Triathlon
Hedley 1:05:40 6th vet 19th overall 
Caroline Murray 13th lady vet and 165 over all 
Christine Moldavian 3rd super vet and 176 over all

Sunderland 10K
Congratulations to Matty Alderson who completed this in 37:20 13th overall and 12th male.

Darlington Tri
Congratulations to Big-E for coming first in his age group. Philippa and Greg Chambers also took part: Philippa was 3rd overall and 2nd in her category. And our newest member: Jordan Hull came 2nd overall. There must have been lots of Ryton colours on the podium!!

Stockton Duathlon
Huge apologies! I missed out Robyn Waugh's fantastic result at the sprint distance - she came 2nd in a time of 1:10:42 - barely 2 mins behind Bronwen Owen who is the current NE Academy & World Duathlon qualifier!! Think she has registered for the world championships too!

Do these boys never rest?! Representing Ryton Tri were Hedley, Matty and Isaac in the standard distance race coming in with the following times:
Hedley 21st 2:02:59
Matty 25th 2:04:03
Isaac 92nd 2:19:31
with Dean doing 1:15:34 in the sprint.
Oh, and Fred did a PB at his last half marathon in Nice (as you do) in a time of 1:31:51

Duathlon World Championships - Pontevedra
Congratulations go to Hedley Fletcher who qualified for this event at the Morpeth Duathlon!!

North Tyneside 10K
Fred Smith and Matty Alderson represented Ryton Tri at last weekend's 10K. Matty did the race in 38:14 and Fred in 42:48. Well done lads for flying the RT flag!

Wansbeck Hilly 21
Hedley Fletcher came 40th in this race in a time of 53:25.

Florida Ironman
I had to read the time that Alan Blakie did this race several times over. He did the whole race in a time that some couldn't even run a marathon in!! Total time....... wait for it...... 4 hours 27 mins - 6th in his age group (out of 180). Swim time: 32 mins, bike: 2 hrs 23 mins, run: 1hr 28 mins! Blimey!!

Ryton-Tri 2 Up TT
Congratulations go to Chris Isats and Harry Armstrong, winners of 2-up TT held on the 12th of April. Full results can be found here.

Morpeth Duathlon
The first of the races for 2014 began with the Morpeth Duathlon. Representing Ryton Tri were Joel Atkin - who came 1st in the beginners' race. In the standard race - Fred Smith - 4th in the super-vets category (and 26th overall) - and Hedley Flectcher - 6th in his age group and 23rd overall.

Los Cabos (Mexico) Ironman
Continuing his world tour of Ironman competitions... Eric Blakie came 7th in his age group in this competition.

Elite Youth Duathlon - Rockingham
Congratulations go to Kate Waugh who won this competition. At her post-race interview, Kate said "It's amazing [here], this whole stadium is huge – it's amazing, I felt really famous. It was a really good course and everyone worked together really well on the bike. The run was hard but I'm glad I had enough in my legs to finish. “I'm hoping to do well in the rest of the [British Triathlon Youth Super] Series. There is Blenheim Triathlon, which should be good; I'm really looking forward to doing that one.”

Also competing were Philippa Chambers & Robyn Waugh finishing 6th & 8th. Both girls are in 17-19 category and are first year juniors so this is a great result.

Duathlon World Championships

Last year, I began the year with news about our young 'uns accomplishments. This year, I begin the news from our not so young 'uns... (and no, it's not news about Big-E!!)

Congratulations to Richard Sill for coming 5th in his age group at the Dambuster Duathlon on the 8th of March and thereby qualifying for the World Duathlon Championships in Pontevedra in May.


Wasdale Tri - again
Just like the race itself, Madders has taken a lot longer to finish his race report than Gareth. Find out what it was like at the back of the field here.


Ryton Tri Awards Night
Saturday 16th November, Blaydon Rugby Club
We are still selling tickets for the Do, so please let us know how many you want. We do need to know in advance in order to make sure there's enough food to go around, particularly as we triathletes are known for our appetites and clearing the lot! Tickets are £15 each, which includes a hot meal, awards presentation and a disco at Blaydon Rugby Club on Saturday November 16th. All family and friends are welcome, so feel free to invite more people if you like.

Ironman UK
It may be late - but it's well worth the wait - click here for Dean Swanston's race report.

Wasdale Half Ironman
Billed as the world's hardest half ironman! It would seem to be a piece of cake for Gareth Huxley and Joe Horne - coming 2nd and 7th overall!! Also taking part was Big-E (of course!) who came in 36th position and Ian Maddison coming in 48th position. Here's Gareth's story of his race - he makes it sound like a walk in the park!!.

Teesdale Triathlon
New member, Craig Berry, under his new colours of Ryton Tri came 10th overall in this triathlon. He tells me that he plans on doing an ironman in 2015 - mad bugger!

World Championships
Rachel Walmsley qualified for the ITU World Championships this year. Click here to read the story of her race.

Ironman Japan
Short version: Good swim, good first half bike, crap second half in high winds/heavy rain, got cold, didn't eat, died second half of run - but finished !!
Longer version here

Ironman Wales 2013
Click here to read Joe Horne's report of his race.

Challenge Henley-on-Thames 2013
Click here to read Gareth Huxley's story of his race.

Newbiggin Tri
This popular triathlon always seems to get windy weather. Gemma Frost came 2nd in category (1:15:32), Hedley Fletcher 41st in category (1:17:10) and Rachel Walmsley 4th in category (1:20:41). Excellent results for a blustery day and strong competition.

Lakeland Triathlon
A few Ryton Tri lads went through to Bassenthwaite last weekend and braved wind and rain to take part in the Lakeland Tri. Matthew Alderson (2:32:30) came 34th overall and 16th in age group, Hedley fletcher (2:38:03) 49th and 20th, Dean Swanson (2:42:20) 75th and 31st and Andrew Aplin (2:58:34) 152nd and 18th.

Our youths and juniors are doing a fantastic job - here are some recent results:

Sprint triathlon, Shropshire
Congratulations to Joel Atkin on coming 4th overall and 1st in his age group (he'll be 17 in October)

Super Series Aquathlon, Birmingham
Good news for the Chambers. After a season dogged by illness, Philippa was 1st in the youth category and Greg, only a 1st year junior, finished 5th in the juniors. 

World Duathlon Championships
Calum goes from strength to stength this season - 3rd in the world duathlon championships! What a brilliant season Calum has had and what a great credit he is to the North East - desolate that it is!! Isaac Dunn also took part and finished 3rd in the Age Group Championships - he's only 17 too!!
Here's Calum's finishing efforts! Calum Johnson
Calum Johnson Ottawa
Calum Johnson Ottawa
Think Calum gave it all he had!!

Hilly 21
Congratulations to Josh Teasdale (Quickvit Trainsharp) overall winner of the Hilly 21 in a time of 45:40. Fastest female was Dawn Sherrin (GS Metro) in a time of 55:58. Full results can be found here and photos will follow shortly.

Ironman UK
Ryton Tri now boasts 3 new Ironmen - Dean Swanston, Dave Ellis and Mathew Alderson. Well done to all 3! Thanks to Matthew (left) for his report:
Stats first.............. Swim 1.02, Bike 6.24,Run 3.47,Total 11.23 Overall position 192
I took the "Alderson" Team with me, my parents together with Danielle, who claims to be an Ironman widow. My two children were being looked after by the in laws who took them early so I could soak up all the atmosphere and make sure my preparations were correct. My bike was duly polished and all my kit in the correct bags. The day of the race arrived.....The water at Pennington Flash was a balmy 22 degrees. It was a calm damp morning. The lake a mill pond. Perfect I thought. I entered the water early and tried to get near to the start. 1600 swimmers in the water for a mass start is quite something. All the training at Hetton paid off, I felt much more confident and actually enjoyed the swim. I completed the first lap in 30 minutes and the second in 32 minutes.

Although I didn’t know it Dean was catching me up on the bike ride. For a period we played cat and mouse. It was a grueling 112 miles with 3 laps of a circuit taking in most of the Bolton countryside. Team Alderson shouted encouragement from Adlington, in the sunshine, with the neighbourhood enjoying a really good day out. Throughout the run I took on as much food as I could including at least 20 bananas , countless powergels and gallons of cola. This kept me going .............and continued to keep me going for hours after the race !! The rain arrived as predicted. I was delighted, not only did it cool me down but it washed the sticky gels off my hands. The route was again over 3 laps with the finish in Bolton city centre. My brother, Andrew, (who was an Ironman 2012) said I would suffer from band envy. After each lap you get a band to indicate how many laps you have done. It is most disheartening to see runners with 3 bands when you only have 1! I was thrilled to get the third band and make my way through the cheering crowds to the finishing line to be pronounced “Matthew Alderson you are an Ironman” I’m off now to have my tattoo done, although the man in the shop said he’d never heard of Ironman. He asked...."Can I find it on the internet" ????? My wife doesn’t know it yet but I think she might be an Outlaw widow next year ..............

Big E smashes PB at Bamburgh half ironman distance
Last Sunday (29th Jul) we awoke to a torrent of rain and gale force winds but not to be put off and accused by Madders of being a wimp off we set for the start at a heady time of 10.00 am - a sleep in by tri standards. A few strange looks from the locals as we walked down to the start in a wet suit with an umbrella up but got to keep hair dry till the last moment. Tough to rack bike with disc on and had to use some tent pegs and rope to get the bike to stay on the bike racks - hint - used quick release knots so as not to slow down transition.

The seas were huge but Big E ploughed through the waves and despite being interfered with by a large male seal turned on by anything in a black wet suit - and I'm convinced I didn't smell like a herring - completed the two lap course in 19 minutes - I'm positive in my mind I did two laps but nobody said anything - Grant Hackett eat your heart out. A protest afterwards to the race ref brought no justice as seals are not covered in the BTA manual - Dr Bob note. Then it was a 300m sprint up the beach to transition and despite the weather packed with roaring crowds of 1000s.

Out onto the bike course which was flooded in many parts not only with water but with Sunday drivers speeding along at 10 mph looking at the scenery. Then there were the walking dead 'tourists' - jay walking whist eating their fish and chips in Seahouses most requiring more turning room than the mini roundabout. Why oh why don't they get clothes that fit and keep their bits in. So it was onto Craster - funny how even if you haven't eaten any you get that taste of kippers in the mouth just at the thought of Craster - or maybe it was that new Bacon and Egg flavoured energy gel just not quite perfected yet. So two laps of the bike through numerous water jumps just nicely bringing us round to Seahouses for the second time just in case we missed the crowds the first time. Anyway a spectacular time of 2 hrs and 15 mins for the 56 miles - pretty fast by even my standards - Boardman eat yer heart out.

Now for the run of three laps along the coastal path up to the golf course mini roundabout - somebody shouted 4 but I'm sure it was only 3 laps and back around a laborious route around castle dodging the by now sated tourists but now anxious to photograph anything and everything especially if it's running straight towards them. By now the sun was out - typical just when you don't need it! But we persevered getting faster each lap and crossing the line in 1 hr and 15 mins - Gebreselassie would be proud.

So a total time of 4 hrs 5 mins - what a race BUT------------------ Please ignore all the above as its complete rubbish as the race was cancelled !! 

Prince Bishops Challenge 2013
Important announcement

It is with regret that we are forced to cancel this year’s Prince Bishops Challenge that was due to take place on Sunday the 11th August 2013 at Derwent reservoir sailing club.

With just over 2 weeks to go before the race the number of entrants has not reached the required level to allow us to break even on the event and even if numbers were to pick up we would still be looking at a substantial loss on the event.

The budget for the race has steadily increased throughout the years and as the numbers have fallen it has become more difficult to stage a professional race with the entry fees received.
As the event is run by and financed by Ryton Tri club I am sure you will appreciate that any loss would need to be funded by the club finances and this is a risk that we are not prepared to take with the clubs hard earned funds.

Anybody who has entered to date will receive a full refund of their entry fees by cheque and we will look to post out all the cheques by the end of next week to allow us time to go through the necessary admin to achieve this task.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this decision and would like to thank everyone that has supported the Prince Bishops events in the last 15 plus years of the event.

Prince Bishops race organising committee

Age Group World Triathlon - London
Congratulations to Rachel Walmsley for qualifying for her first Age Group World Triathlon Championships to be held in London.

Weardale Tri
Hedley Fletcher - came 21st (1:19:18) overall and 7th vet. Caroline Murray also completed this race in 1:34:58.

Ironman Austria
Read Gareth Huxley's race report here.

British Triathlon Championships - Liverpool
Congratulations to Calum Johnson for his first place position in the elite junior race and 3rd overall (ie he beat ALL the adults bar 2!!).

Sun City Tri
Big-E gets a PB (1:06:07) at this race despite his need to wear a blond wig to be considered for the V60 female category that he had been placed in! Ian Walton was 2nd V40 (1:00:32) followed closely by Alan Blakie (1:01:02), then Paul Robin (1:07:39). Big-E's target for the day was to beat Alan on the bike which he did in 27.36 - 7th overall fastest on bike - not too shaby for an old git !!!! [Big-E's words!]

Northumberland Tri
I missed out a new name - Hedley Fletcher - who did his best sprint distance time of 1:20:53 (11th vet).

Sprint distance: Ian Walton was 1st Vet in 1.10.56 in the sprint, Peter Clark 15th SV and Rachel Walmsley 2nd V female.
Standard Distance: Big E was 1st V60 in 2.32.50 and Fred Smith 14th vet in 2.37.58 (the swim was over 2000m - they moved the bouys due to the weeds but didn't adjust the overall course - even the top swimmers came out in 30 mins and were surprised when they glanced at their watches!!)

One Life Kids Triathlon Hexham
Our youngest members competed yesterday at Onelife Tri at Hexham. Well done to Daniel Dixon who was on the podium in the T2 category. Our very youngest member, Joe Swanston did the diddy duathlon (too young for the tri) and was 3rd. It was a run/bike and he had a proper Cav face as he was sprinting for the finish. Two very determined boys for the future. My Isabel did the 4/5 year olds duathlon and was '2nd lady - is it too soon to join her up too?

Ironman Nice
Congratulations to Tim Pigott who completed the ironman in a very respectible time of 11:28 at Nice!

Ironman Idaho
Big-E finished 7th in his age group (60-64) in 12:56:08, Alan Blakie came 34th in his age group (30-34) in 10:33:01 [Eric must be running out of ironman races that he's not yet done.....!]

QE2 Ashington
Ian Walton was 3rd Vet in a time of 1:20:07, followed by Tim Piggot in 1:26:12, then Big-E in 1:27:27 (1st Vintage!), then Hedley Fletcher in 1:38:30.

Darlington Sprint
Greg Chambers 6th Senior 1.07.49, then Big E first Vintage 1.17.35, Paul Robinson 16th Senior 1.18.03, Rachel Walmsly 2nd Vet Female 1.19.53, Fred Smith 19th Vet 40 1.21.59 and finally Joel Atkins 21st senior 1.22.00.

Alnwick Sprint
First Ryton home and only, due to Ian Walton suffering a mechanical, - his handle bars came loose - was Big E in 1.12.13. Could mention the Batey sisters as they kind of will always be Ryton Tri - Natalie came home in 1.09.14 2nd female just ahead of Jennifer 3rd female in 1.10.49.
Thanks to Big-E for these reports

Rachel Walmsley has also being doing well in the National Age Group Sprint championships in Nottingham, finishing in the top 10. Clearly, her new aero hat has helped her! :-)

Bored of Ironman?
26th May 2013, The Fisherfield Six
The Fisherfield Six are six of the most remote and toughest Munros in the Fisherfield Wilderness near Ullapool. To complete them traditionally involves three days: first day is the 320mile drive from Newcastle, plus an 8km walk to the "base camp" of Shenavall; day two involves the 25km, 6 Munro circuit with 2500m of cumulative height gain, which most guide books recommend about 14hours for; day three you walk back out from Shenavall and enjoy a decent B&B in Ullapool! Laura and I were lucky that conditions were excellent, but "excellent" in Scottish high mountains still means 4 seasons in one day and in the course of our route I wore everything from just T shirt and shorts to trousers, 3 layers on top + full weight Goretex jacket due to the effects of wind, height and presence (or not) of the sun. We arranged it so that I carried everything in the rucksack: spare clothes, full waterproofs, survival gear, enough food for two for expected time of around 13 hours. No water carried though as I used a filter bottle and filled from streams and small pools en route. We did a clockwise traverse and went straight up the nose of the first Munro from Shenavall. This was my choice as, although pretty tough - 2hrs 15 mins to gain the 900 odd metres from Shenavall, which is effectively at sea level - it saves an extra 3km on the flat. We reached the summits of the 6 Munros after 2:15, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 7:30 and 8:15, with a 3 hour walk off to complete the circuit back to Shenavall in a respectable 11hrs 15mins - about the same time as a swift Ironman! The expected challenges of severe river crossings and wild bogs didn't really materialise, but none of the reports I read previously made any mention of the scarcity of fresh water once the heights of the horseshoe are gained, however we managed fine with the filter bottle. Likewise with food, although every last scrap had been consumed by the time we finished.

I had been wanting to do these Munros for the last 4 years and the challenge and pride in finishing them, especially as Laura and I stuck together all the way round, was fantastic.[Editor's note: What? Would you have left Laura had she not been able to keep up??]

Lanzarote Ironman
In what was billed "the worst weather conditions in 22 years", Fred Smith completed the Lanzarote Ironman in just under his planned 13 hours. He has promised a race report for this website.....

Scafell Marathon
Flat ordinary marathons are not enough of a challenge for our extra-ordinary Ruth Dance - who came 1st vet (robbed of 3rd overall position) in the recent Scafell Marathon. Also taking part in this Keswick Mountain festival weekend was Mathew Alderton in the long race - which is part of his prep for his Ironman attempt later.

Hetton Youth and Junior Sprint Triathlon
Unfortunately, due to the low temperature of the lake (11 degrees), this race turned into a duathlon. Here are the results:
Tristar Start Results
Tristar 1 Results
Tristar 2 Female Results
Tristar 2 Male Results
Tristar 3 Female Results
Tristar 3 Male Results

City of Durham Duathlon, Sunday 28th April 2013

Saturday afternoon swimming – moaning and complaining to anyone who’ll listen that I don’t like racing, I’m tired, I’m out of form, I’ve only ran these 2 miles down to swimming in the last 10 days, I don’t like racing, I’m tired .....

Sunday morning, 7am Meadowfields, Co Durham. 7°C, wind at least 20mph (ie 10mph more than forecast), grey, cold, blowing drizzle cue more chanting to myself, “I don’t like racing ....”.

I get my act together though, get organised and get out on my bike for 30 mins sussing out the wind strength and wind direction, knowing that there’s no substitute for putting your nose in it to truly feel the conditions. And knowing that no-one else is going to be as obsessive (or as stupid!) to be doing this at this time of the day. The recce is worth it: the wind is actually ok-ish and the first drag up from the roundabout is still do-able on the big ring, same as it was when I won 2 years ago, so this is one positive thing.

I carry on with the signing on and warm up ritual, inbetween nearly reaching double figures and a personal record for my number of pre-race wees. I run around the run lap and suss out the wind there too and am pleasantly surprised to feel my legs actually feel ok running. I wouldn’t go so far as to say, "game on", but I’m mildly more positive than I was an hour ago.

Before I know it, it’s start time and I’m the lone Ryton Tri athlete on Coalfields Racing Team heavy front row of the start line. The gun goes off and eventual winner Daniel Jenkin of Durham Uni pelts off at 5 ½ minute mile pace never to be seen again, while the rest of us stay fairly compact running around 6 minute mile. I come out of the run in about 6th place and within one mile of the bike and with the help of the first uphill drag I move into second place, ahead of Elliot and Gary from Coalfields. On the run in to Esh Winning, Elliot and I tussle a bit but his raw power on the flat allows him to open up about 50m on me by the foot of the climb, where I come by him again and open up a reasonable gap. But I know that he’ll ride the tailwind descent back to the finish more strongly than me and, sure enough, I’m spinning out top gear just try to keep him within 100m when he inevitably re-passes me on the run-in. Can’t tell how fast I’m going but it must be around 40mph. No computer on the aero bike as Haydn Maughan told me to take it off and, "use the force, Master Luke". One last drag up to Meadowfields allows me to close the gap to Elliot again and we come in to T2 very closely matched.

Elliot bounds out of T2 more quickly than I and it takes me half a lap to get back on terms. I’m still feeling good and take the lead, feeling strong enough to surge up the back-straight hill and into the headwind, trying to snap the elastic between us. I keep pushing on the second lap, then finally on the last half of the third and final run lap, I surge again and get away and open a little gap that keeps growing. Anything to avoid a sprint finish! So I do it: I don’t repeat my 2011 win, but I put in an excellent race to finish second. I congratulate Elliot at the finish and get myself dressed.

After the race I meet up with my teammate, Isaac Dunn. He’s a real rising star for Ryton, just 17 but an incredible runner and I’m sure he’ll improve further as a cyclist. As well as winning the Junior prize at Durham, Isaac was 10th overall , which complements his fine performances in the Stokesley and Morpeth duathlons this year. We make quite a team: a slightly dis-gruntled 40 something and a fresh-faced teenager, but between us we ain't done too bad this spring!
Results courtesy of Durham Triathlon Club.
Photos courtesy of Jason Conrad Photography & Design. 

Ryton Tri 2-Up TT

Congratulations to Harry Armstrong and Christopher Isats of Berwick Wheelers who were the overall male winners of the 2-up TT in a time of 38:34 (ave pace 28 m/hr) and to Bev Blakeman and Dawn Sherrin of Infinty Cycles RT who were the overall female winners in a time of 45:38 (ave pace 23.7 m/hr). We also had a strong junior contingent racing and the overall junior winners were Jack Willis and Jordon Hull of Border City Wheelers in a tine of 43.52 (ave pace 24.6 m/hr). First mixed team was won by Kerry Gowland and Michael Proud in a time of 44:55 (ave pace 24.0 m/hr). Full results can found here and by category here.
And here's a picture of Ryton's newest mascot and marshal:

Allendale Challenge
Race report by Mark Sowerby
Allendale Challenge in the bag. Loads of fun but very hard despite the good weather on the day.

The run had been shortened to 23.3 miles, (according to my GPS watch), to avoid the deep snow which had fallen earlier in the week.

I bumped into Madders before the race who is recovering from illness and said it was his first long run for some time.

I was running with one of my mates from Greenside who has done the Challenge before. We kept a good pace and were probably placed in the top 35-40 runners by main checkpoint at the road before the ascent to Killhope Law, (see pic). Once we turned off road again to head up towards Killhope the track was packed with walkers, (who set-off 2 hrs before us), and it was hard to make any progress past them.

On the long decent Ian caught us for the first time, which was a surprise as I had assumed he was ahead from the start. We pushed on a little after a while and Ian fell behind a couple of hundred metres.

The organisers took out the Long Drag this year to avoid some lambing fields which had been hit hard by the recent weather and bad winter. The alternative route was shorter but a lot steeper and all the competitors walked up a hill reminiscent of the Struggle.

At about mile 19 my mate bonked big time. We had to walk until mile 22 by which time Madders had already passed us again along with a few other runners. With an injection of Energy Gel, Kendal Mint Cake and Gummy Bears my pal managed to pull himself back to the living and we ran the last mile and a half down into Allendale and we finished 4hr 50min. 61st & 62nd out of 110 finishers and 4 mins behind Madders.

Morpeth Duathlon, Monday 1st April: Report by Philip Addyman
Crazy little thing called ... Power!

Finally, after spending Spring 2013 in Duathlon Mediocre-land, I managed to answer a question that has been baffling my local vet to a considerable degree these last few weeks – yes, there is indeed some life in the old dog. Whilst my form may have taken a bit of an upturn, that’s not to say the weather did: it was slightly warmer than Stokesley last week, but still only around 6°C. There was a more moderate wind from the East that would aid the outward bike leg. This event was extremely well organised by Tri Northumberland – they’re clearly not just very good at organising open water swims for the benefit of all NE triathletes. The town centre of Morpeth was all closed off to traffic and this makes a great difference to your feeling of safety and security when you race. The rest of the bike was on quiet lanes to Netherwitton and, apart from a couple of potholes, there were no hazards here either.

With this being a qualifying event for yet another of Boxing’s – whoops, sorry, Triathlon’s - highly prestigious “World Championships”, I expected a lot of top class athletes from outside the region and so I anticipated a slide even further outside the top ten that I scraped at Stokesley the week before. And so it seemed as the run set off up Morpeth’s high street for three swift laps, with me quickly down in 20th or something and the field disappearing in the distance. With three fast laps of just over a mile completed I moved up a little bit, but setting the world on fire I clearly wasn’t and I think I still had at least 15 guys ahead of me.

For the second week running though I did a very sleeky T1 and got myself out sharp on the bike and down and aero for the first drag out of Morpeth towards the Fair Moor turn. And just then I thought I felt it: speed, power, motion, but I wasn’t too sure. I was very glad I had recced the course on Friday and so knew that there was just over 300 cumulative metres of climbing on the circuit but all the climbs were big ring drags that you could power up without blowing up – if you had power. And all of a sudden I did! Five riders passed on the drag to Pigdon and all of a sudden I’m not so Mr-Legs-Can-Barely-Move-Dodgy-Runner, but I’m doing the old Zoom Zoom Speed of Light routine on the bike, passing them fast and hard like I used to. Welcome back Leonard Cohen; bye-bye Howard Jones.

This is cool. I power on. Elliot tussles with me a bit but I know the route’s principal climb up The Trench from Netherwitton is coming up really quickly and I’m psyched and ready to hit it in the big ring. From here I turn back heading East and, in theory, I’m into a headwind but my form’s so good I can’t really feel it. Almost un giorno di grazia as they say in Italian. Apart from the dodgy running, that is. I approach Morpeth, power up Dogger Bank on the now obligatory big ring and enjoy racing towards a large crowd in the centre of Morpeth on closed roads. Cool. I hit T2 and can’t believe it when they say I’m third. I knew I took about 10 places on the bike but I still thought I was just scraping the top ten, so atrocious was my first run.

I head out on the second run feeling good and hearing the shouts of Laura and her sister’s family. I manage my run speed pretty well but get caught by Paul Brown from Godley’s Cycles team. I think I’m still in with a chance of holding him as he doesn’t go straight by, but then he pulls away from me at the start of the second and last lap and, despite making a good surge to get back on terms I realise he’s gone. I dig in and race hard, hoping to hold 4th, but, just pulling into the final, long finishing straight up the high street I feel someone on my shoulder. I resort to the only tactic I can and bluff a really long 300m sprint and for a couple of seconds I think it’s working, but then Daryl from the NE Fire Service pulls level and then pulls past, leaving me with 5th.

But, I’m really happy and relieved to finally be riding the bike well and to have been competitive at a decent level. The race was fantastic and definitely the safest and best-organised duathlon I’ve ever taken part in. I was 5th overall, 1st V40 and 3rd fastest bike split.

Full results here: http://www.vo2maxracingevents.co.uk/Events/Morpeth-Duathlon-2013/Results

Stokesley Duathlon
Wrap up warm before you read Philip's report on this race!!

On Sunday I got up just after 6 o' clock in the morning and headed down to Stokesley in North Yorkshire, the car temperature not rising above 2 degrees C all the way down the A19. The conditions were no warmer in Stokesley and the East wind was blowing at 20mph, but thankfully the roads were dry and there were even some patches of blue in the sky and a little bit of brightness. Over 300 competitors were present for this traditional NE season opener. In the long race, 5km run, 30km bike, 5km run the competition was high and I was not able to repeat my 3rd overall and 2nd V40 result from 2 years ago. There were some many V40s doing the event that we had a separate start and then our times were mixed with the Senior men at the end to give up an overall race position. I came out the first run and T1 very strongly, but my tactics for the bike backfired a bit as I don't have the form or confidence to go "full gas" at the moment and so tried to pace myself over the wind-assisted part of each of the two bike laps so that I'd have something left for the very hard headwind return part of each of lap. As it turned out this tactic was not particularly effective and I got passed by a two or three other cyclists on the second lap, however I came into T2 still reasonably placed. I started running and immediately felt good, despte not having ran for a week and never doing "brick runs" off the bike. I got a tiny bit of stitch on the outward part of the run, but once this cleared I really powered it on the last half of the 5km run and took back 3 places - the same guys who had passed me on the bike, so I was happy with this, especially as it brought me into the top 10 overall. In the end I was 3rd V40 and 10th overall. Results here.

breakingnews Big-E declares himself too old to keep up with son Alan Blakie after Alan's 1 hr 20 min half marathon time at Alloa last weekend!

Grizedale MTB Duathlon 10th March
Congratulations to Philip Addyman for surviving the extreme cold to finish a respectable 10th place! Read his race report here.

National Cross Country races
Another good result for the juniors: Philippa came 16th out of 208 in the national cross country under 15 girls and Calum came 11th out of 142 junior men. An excellent start to the year for them!

To start the year off with news of Ryton Tri-ers - Calum Johnson represented GB in a 5K cross country event in Spain recently and came 2nd. The prize was pasta and biscuits! Which is kind of similar to the Newcastle Brown Ale and stotty that you get when you complete the Blaydon race.


Diane Chaney

It is with great sorrow that we have to announce the sad and untimely demise of Diane Chaney’s Ryton Tri membership. Diane’s membership has ceased at the end of a long period of deliberation, culminating in her decision to join F4L coaching.

Diane joined Ryton Tri in 2003. Always a strong swimmer, other than in open water, she made a shaky start in the other disciplines. Her early training sessions were memorable for such incidents as being overtaken by elderly ladies on shopping bikes, and dropped by the slow girls on Crawleyside Bank. However, she put all of this behind her, and eventually managed to achieve success, becoming a regular age-group top three finisher, occasional winner, Ironman finisher, and winner of several Ryton Tri awards. A spokesperson from the Ryton Tri committee made the following official statement:

“Diane Chaney’s Ryton Tri membership is no more. It has ceased to be. It has expired and gone to meet its maker. Bereft of life it rests in peace. No longer nailed to its perch it will soon be pushing up the daisies. Vis a vis, of beaurocratic processes it has had its lot. All statements to the effect that this membership is still active are from now on inoperative. She is an ex member.”

Diane’s membership expired peacefully during the night of 30th November 2012. It is survived by her ongoing passion for swimming and triathlon which will accompany her to the other side. At F4L coaching she will hope to be reunited with her long time coach and training partner, Andy Stevens.

She will be sadly missed.

Diane Chaney – swimmer, triathlete, tax inspector, ironwoman, award winner and multiple victim of website tomfoolery. Ryton Tri member 2003 to 2012.


Please note that there will be a minute’s silence before next Saturday’s swim session, and a memorial bums & tums class will be held at Tri It on Sunday morning at 10.30.


Club do - photos and who won what - click here!

Alpe H’Huez

Just as we thought everybody had forgotten about the Alpe D’Huez Triathlon, someone has written a race report. Find out who and learn what happened here.

The Bob Graham

To read Ruth Dance's report of her incredible Bob Graham race - click here

Kona Ironman

Congratulations to Dave Garner for his incredible time of 10:33!!

London Tri
Successfully managing to find her way down to London, Diane came a very nice 2nd in her age group!!

Great North Run stories
I'm sure there were a few Ry-triers completing the GNR - how about this result from Clive (running under Big-E's number) - 1:58!!

IM Wales
Anybody wanting a really hilly bike and run course please feel free to enter IM Wales. Dont be fooled by the total climbing stated - it's only 2000m climbing but what the course details don't tell you is that the hills are steep and the descents fast and technical. It didn't help that on the day it rained hard for the last 2.30 hrs on the bike muddying the narrow farm lanes and we had strong winds but even so you simply do not get anything back on the down hills meaning that after the first 25 miles your average just keeps dropping. The run is hardly much better with 4 laps each of which is 3 miles up then 2 back before zig zagging through every little street and hill in Tenby - great for spectators!

To the results. Well our Alan did it along with 5 of his university mates. Tom (who swam for Scotland in his even younger days) did a 48 min swim and was 21st out of the water - oh and I forgot to mention the jog up the cliffs whereupon you stuck yet another pair of running shoes on to run the 1 km to T1 (just in case anybody looking at T1 times thinks they are long. Alan had a super swim in 55 mins and even I had a good swim for me in 1 hr 8 mins - maybe even a PB for both of us. They did mess up the swim start to stop competitors running along the beach by sticking a small boat about 200m off the beach to swim around - the first buoy was a fight and a half. Anyway 2 laps in a reasonable 16 deg sea which was clam. It's very picturesque.

To the bike - drove it earlier and guessed it would be tough. First 25 miles out to the end of the world and back as we know it to Angle whereupon 2 hilly laps start. Some very narrow lanes and lots of farms and I commented to Dot that if it rained it would be muddy in places and very dodgy - been there this year! Well and so it proved. Alan did a 5.50 bike and on any other course would have cracked 5.20 easy in his current state of fitness. As for me I struggled to do a 6.56 - my longest bike split even when I've done IMs not that fit before. I could barely stand up at the end of the bike. In my opinion that is the toughest bike course I've done - I'd rather do Lanzarote. Right at the end of each lap you have a couple of 16% gradients.

To the run. One mile out running - 'not as we know it' and Alan runs past me like Forest Gump and tweets my butt as he does - he's on his 3rd lap and I've just started. Well I was expecting it to be another trudge but surprised myself by running the whole way in 4.22, even the hills on the 4 lap course. It's tough not to be smug when you have one more coloured wrist band then the person running towards you - especially if you have all four.

So I finished in 12.50 - my slowest Ironman when 'fit' but feeling vastly better than Canada 3 weeks before and that at last my body was starting to recover from my big crash. Earlier, Alan had finished in 10.08 with a fantastic 3.11 marathon run at the end which may well be a Ryton Club record for the run at the end of an IM Somewhere in our family gene pool must be a runner - it's none of mine! Disappointingly he was only 10th in his age group with some really fast guys turning up on the day - any other race and he'd have got his Kona slot. It rolled to 6th in his age group so he missed it by 20mins. As for me I was 11th, felt good but on that course in those conditions would have struggled to go any faster on the bike and that's where I 'lost' an hour. Alan is still determined to get to Kona and has the confidence he can do it.

And to top the weekend off Tom got engaged and even better Rick from Columbia proposed to his girlfriend as he finished on the finish line down on his knee - and was accepted!!! We were all there to witness the deed - she was the only one who didn't know beforehand!
Big E

The Utterly Buttermere 10K Swim
Marie Helene Joyce completed her first open water 10k swim on Sunday in Buttermere – “The Utterley Buttermere”! She was 7th overall & 4th fastest female in a time of 2hrs 53 minutes & 40 seconds. For those that find it hard to imagine a 10k swim, that’s almost 3 times the length of an Ironman swim! - Yikes!!

British Triathlon Inter Regional Championship
The North East retains their title! Congratulations to Greg and Philippa who came 2nd and 3rd respectively in their categories. At the same time, the British and Youth junior super series results were announced and Greg and Philippa came 2nd and 3rd again! Go Ryton Tri!!! Thanks agan to Andy Beattie for being our roving photographer. His photos can be seen and downloaded here for FREE :-)

Newbiggin Regional Championship
Congratulations to Gemma Frost (new Ryton-Tri member) who came 1st female senior and overall and to Diane Chaney who came 2nd supervet. Diane was narrowly beaten by the current European champion.

Helvellyn Triathlon
Gareth Huxley was 1st vet and 3rd overall. Joe Horne was 7th senior and 10th overall. Jaci was 5th vet, Jen Batey 11th senior. Also taking part was Andrew Alpin, Mark Sowerby and Dean Swanston.

IM Canada - Big E is not dead!!
Ironman Canada was to be my main event of the year - that is until my untimely accident at Day in the Lakes - that hurt and I am still far from recovered but - I'd paid all my airfares/race entry and to get into Canada for next year you really have to be there at the race to register pre race otherwise it's almost impossible to get in. So, after feeling sorry for myself for a week after the accident I decided that nothing was impossible and being as I could still run, sort of, and at least sit on a turbo then I could train. Swimming would have to wait until the metal pin came out of my thumb and the cast off my arm but then again nothing seems to affect my swimming one way or another! They were removed three weeks before the race and swimming was clunky at the start to say the least as my collar bone is still not where it should be. The object being just to go and complete the race and get entry for next year. It was far from comfortable but I did manage to get a reasonable level of fitness but I don't recommend 4 hr turbo sessions - not without a spare bum.

Well the Tri Gods above seemed to conspire against me and even threaten that lowly objective. The night before I left for Canada I did my Achilles meaning I could just about walk (actually think I did that pushing off the wall swimming not running) - that continued all pre race week and the strategy became - ok do the swim/bike and if it feels ok then walk the run. Race morning I awoke with flu - sore throat, bad head, the lot - bugger. I've read somewhere that when you taper, your immune system goes to hell - this is the third time I've had flu at an Ironman Race!

Did the swim 1.14 which is about average for me there. Out on the bike nothing in the legs so it was 6 hrs and about 25 mins down on usual race plan. Got off the bike and felt just awful so got changed and sat in toilet in T2 for 15 mins for a discussion with myself. Should I continue or not? Thoughts...........

- it's the last race here after 30 years with Ironman and Penticton Council failing to reach agreeable terms
- there are people out there who will be hurting more, would be very happy with a 7 hr 15 min leg 1/2 split so don't be a wuss
- my local supporters are out there expecting me to finish and have been out there all day too
- Madders would have certainly packed in by now claiming a disgruntled toe nail, bad ear from a smack from Louise or sissy stomach - Sister Madonna Budda is still going at age 82! (and she did finish)
- Too much new ammunition for Madders!

So decided that I would walk the 1.5 mile loop around town and if Achilles was ok then continue - which I did and then walked the lot. I think that hurts more than running it as it took 7 hrs and I was well stuffed at the end. On top of that the heel wedge I'd put in my shoe to protect my Achilles meant my foot slid forwards so I ended up with a huge pizza sized blister which became infected necessitating a course of antibiotics - well at least that handled the sore throat too and other bits ! 14.49 - my slowest ever by far BUT I did finish and beat Sister Madders oops Madonna !!

IM Penticton is a fantastic course - the best in my opinion from an athletes point of view - even with 2800 starters all at once form the beach. Next year it will be a 'Challenge' race the first in North America on the same weekend for those interested. IM Canada is to be somewhere else, Whistler and Kelona have been mentioned (Kelona is at the other end of the lake to Penticton). The only upside from doing the race this year is that we will get priority entry to IM Canada next year wherever plus Wisconsin,Florida and Arizona - Dot hasn't been to Florida or Arizona so they may be possibilities !! Big E

Aguilas European Youth Relay Championships
Assistant Coach Col had a very proud moment recently, when Greg Chambers and the GB Youth Relay Squad came 5th out of 24 teams at the event held in Spain on 1st September. The girls squad was 3rd though no Ryton Tri amongst them.

Hilly 21 Results
Last weekend's Hilly 21 race was won by Keith Murray of Ferryhill Wheelers in a time of 45:52. First lady was Kristina Slater of Cleveland Wheelers in a time of 53:57. Full results can be found here and photos here.

Prince Bishops Triathlon Sprint results
Whooo-hoooo! 1 - 2 - 3 for Ryton Tri! The juniors again showing the old codgers up - Calum Johnson, Gregg Chambers and Daniel Johnson come 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall. Individual catergory winners were Jane Greening (snr), Angela Ackerley, Cleveland Tri (V40), Tricia Bell (V60), Callum Johnson, Ryton Tri (jnr), James Wilson, RedVenom (snr), Darren Bell, Cleveland Tri (V40), Gavin Sword, (V50). Full results here by category and by overall. Photos of the race can be seen here thanks to Andy Beattie

Prince Bishops Triathlon Standard results
Congratulations to Jo Zoppi (snr), Karen Robertson (V40), Claire Jackson, One Life, (V50), Daniel Speed, TFN (snr), Philip Addyman, Ryton Tri (V40), Roger Godley, Godley Cycles Tri, (V50). Full results here by category and by overall.. Photos of this race can be seen here.

The Bob Graham
42 peaks, 74 miles, 23 hours and 52 mins later, Ruth Dance completes the Bob Graham!! Fantastic! Incredible!! Well done our Ruth!! I've just heard some more information about this amazing feat. In order to achieve this challenge, Ruth had set up an almost military precision rota of help and supporters. There were people assigned to help her set off in the pitch dark, people to help her with food, people to run ahead to the other helpers to state what Ruth needed in advance of her arrival (food, clothes, etc). On one of the legs, one of the supporters could hardly keep up with the pace that Ruth had set! Towards the end, Ruth couldn't hold anything down and all her energy sources were being being barfed up on the fells! This didn't stop her running. And with only 8 minutes to spare, Ruth sprinted up Keswick high street to a rapturous applause from her helpers and supporters. And when Sue texted me saying "what an achievement, awesome woman", I, took her to mean that she was talking about Jessica Ennis!! :-)

Hetton Park Triathlon Results here

Castles Challenge Triathlon
Tim Don - watch out Daniel Johnson's behind you.....!! Daniel came 2nd at today's Castle Challenge sprint triathlon, with only Tim ahead of him!!

Tim Don & Daniel Johnson


Team Ryton at

Alpe d'Huez

Alan Blakie 7:05:27 40:12 4:40 1:39 8th senior
Philip Addyman 7:16:30 48:11 4:38 1:45 12th vet
Ian Maddison 9:18:01 40:43 6:03 2.28 45th vet
Jaci Swinbank 9:22:28 45:32 6:16 2:13 4th vet
Fred Smith 9:28:40 44:03 6:08 2:29 50th vet
Jen Batey 9:37:29 42:34 6:13 2:35 3rd senior
Denise Parkin 10:03:57 51:36 6:31 2:34 10th vet
Natalie Batey 10:08:57 38:23 6:54 2:30 6th senior
Colin Gardner 10:20:00        
Laura Addyman 10:31:13 46:14 6:42 2:52 11th vet
Kirsty Jones 10:55:18 52:36 7:15 2:41 14th senior
John Swinbank   46:38 6:53    

Apparently it was a really really hot day - temperatures of 37 degrees - only Swinny dropped out due to heat exhaustion and his legs cramping out and Laura and Natalie were taken into the medical tent afterwards to be put onto drip [you never get taken into a tent on a golf course unless it's captain's day and there's alcohol being served!!]- both were very unwell. Jen 3rd and Jaci 4th in category - twin pocket rockets!!

Dave Garner: 4th in category and 44th overall

at IM UK!!

That's him off to Hawaii then!!

Good luck to those that are beginning their journey to take part in the Alpe d'Huez triathlon in a week's time. Here are some of the motley crew: Sadly, as we know, Big-E won't be there, but I hear he's still on for IM Canada....!!

IM Switzerland
Ryton Tri has a new Ironman: Dave Ellis who recently completed this race in a very respectible time of 13:52 - his first IM - well done Dave!!

Those of you who have their libel lawyers on speed dial - get dialing now - here comes Madder's report from the controversial Ironman race in Nice......

Cleveland Steelman Race
Congratulations to Philip Addyman for coming 2nd V40 in a time of 4:07:32. Also taking part was Tim Pigott (4:24:28), Fred Smith (5:00:50) and Clive Blakie (5:38:25)

Druridge Bay Sprint Tri
Congratulations to Calum Johnson for winning the Druridge Bay Sprint Tri outright giving some of the older codgers a run for their money! In fact, 1, 2 and 3 were U20s and all are under the umbrella of the North East Academy headed by our very own Colin. Ian Walton came an impressive 5th - 6 mins after Calum.

IM Lanzarote
Joe Horne and Dave Garner went to Lanzarote to do the IM in May and I forgot to put a posting up about them - apologies!! Anyway, Joe Horne has just written the story of his race - which you can read here.

IM Nice Results:

Gareth Huxley
Ian Maddison
Diane Chaney

A Day in the Lakes
In probably very different conditions to IM Nice, Dave Garner came 1st overall - fantastic result! Laura Addyman was 1st V40 and 6th lady, Jaci didn't run cos of sore legs. Good results too for Fred and Kirsty. Unfortunately, Eric crashed out on Kirkstone and is currently in Carlisle hospital having surgery for dislocated thumb and shoulder. Hope he recovers quickly!

Windsor Triathlon
Congratulations to Rachel Walmsley who was 1st V40 at the Windsor triathlon - turned duathlon.

Cleveland Short Course
11 Ryton Tri-athletes went down to the Cleveland Short Course and came back with some excellent personal results. Dave Garner was 1st V40 in a time of 2:01:10. Diane Chaney was first V50 in a time of 2:19:22. Also taking part were Laura and Philip Addyman, Jennifer Batey, Kirsty Jones, Ian Maddison, Dean Swanston, Fred Smith, David Ellis and Andy Stevens. In amongst this lot are some good report writers - if anyone would like to write a report - please pass to me and I'll put up on the website - also - if there are any photos, let me know too - ta.

QEII Triathlon
Congratulations to Daniel Johnson for coming 1st Junior in a time of 1:14:52 which was 14 minutes faster than his old man! Jennifer Batey came in 3rd senior in a time of 1:29:06. Also taking part were Stacey Armstrong (5th senior), Paul Robinson (33rd senior).

Great Britain Youth National Championships
Congratulations to Greg Chambers for coming 2nd in the above competition and to Phillipa for coming 4th. Fantastic result!

Keswick Mountain Festival
Congratulations to Diane Chaney for coming 1st Super Vet at the Keswick Long Course - 5th female overall - setting a PB in the swim leg again.

National Aquathlon Championships
The boyz (and girl) done good again at the National Aquathlon Champs, part of the youth and Junior Super Series. Greg 1st Youth male, Calum 1st Junior male, Dan 15th Jnr, Philipa 4th Youth girl (just missing podium) Awesome display from everyone in a very cold swim and wet conditions.

Swinny's Hinnies strike again at the Fred!
Well Jaci, Laura, Denise and Captain John have done it again: a great ride at the Fred Whitton Challenge Sportive (114miles 4000m total climbing) in the Lake District. They completed the ride in 8hrs 34mins including stops with actual riding time of 7:56. This comfortably beats their time from last year of just over 9 hours. The rain held off, but conditions were winding and fairly chilly. In finishing in 8:34 the group were 604-607th of 1374 finishers - easily inside the top half of a predominatly male field. In the women's field Jaci, Laura and Denise were 18-20th out of 63 female finishers and amongst the V40 Ladies only 5 other V40 Ladies went around faster than the Ryton Rockets. Fred Smith completed the ride too, although he missed the express and went around mostly on his own to record 8:38. Well done to all - Alpe d'Huez will be a walk in the park. Possibly.

open water training

Hetton Lyons Junior Duathlon Results and photos

2012 Eilat ETU Triathlon European Championships
Congratulations to Jane Hodgson for coming 1st in her age group in a time of 1:11:02 - fantastic result. Also doing this was Natalie Batey - she's not one of us as such, but we still think of her as one of us - she came 3rd in her age group in a time of 1:13:36. Well done girls!!

Marathon de Sable
Big E finished the Marathon de Sables, in the Desert, carrying all cooking equipment, food, bedding etc over 7 days, 1/2 marathon, marathon, marathon, double marathon, marathon, marathon, 1/2 marathon! (last weekend) Read Eric's story of his race here. [Editor's note - it must have been easier in the caveman days when all you had to do was kill the odd woolly mammoth or two!!]

Borrowdale Duathlon
Congratulations to Philip Addyman for winning the Borrowdale Duathlon. Joe Jorne came 6th. Read Philip's race report here.

Anniversary Waltz Fell Run
Congratulations to Ruth Dance on completing this fell race in a time of 2:27 and also to Graeme Dance who managed to complete it in under 3 hours despite suffering from cramp.

Gibside 5 mile run
Little Joe Swanston completed the 5 miles in 59:50 (WOW!) he even beat Madders (who was running with Beth!)

Good luck from all at Ryton Tri to Calum Johnston who is representing GBR in Belgium for the Spring Duathlon European Championships!

Ryton-Tri 2 Up
Not a very nice day for the Ryton-Tri 2 Up this year. Rain, hail, snow and wind to contend with and as a result slower times were recorded than last year. The winners were Colin Humphrey and John Tanner of Sportscover Altura RT in a time of 38:43. First female team went to Kerry Gowland and Bev Blakeman of Infinity Cycles RT in a time of 47:56. Rebecca and I took the much coveted last position! Andy Beatty took some great photos and they can be found here and full results here. Additional photos taken by Fursdon Photography can be found here too.

Morpeth Duathlon
Congratulations again to Jane Hodgson for coming 1st overall. Also Diane Chaney 1st supervet (she also won her category in the Killingworth Aquathlon). Kyah Hall came 1st junior. Dave Garner 3rd overall and 2nd Vet. There were good showings from Ian Walton and Rob Bee.

Stokesley Duathlon 25th March
What a great start to the racing season for the Ryton Tri members that went down to Stokesley on Sunday. Congratulations to Jane Hodgson for being first female in a time of 1:39:24 - nearly 4 mins faster than her next rival. Congratulations also to Kyah Hall for coming 1st Junior (1:51:57), Diane Chaney for 2nd Super Vet (1:50:57). Also competing were Dave Garner (1:33:54) and Ian Walton (1:34:28)(6th and 7th vet respectively) and Joe Horne (1:36:28). Full results can be found here.

National Duathlon Championships
Congratulations to Greg Chambers for coming 2nd youth at the National Duathlon Championships and also to Calum Johnson for coming 2nd Junior.

Tomorrow's Ryton Tri Members
Well done to Joe Swanston (Beth's little-un) who came 2nd in the 1 mile race - and this is despite being sent the wrong way by a marshall and having to run back! And well done Lucy (Eve's little-un) who also ran the same race who came 1st girl and 3rd overall. Both Joe and Lucy are 6 and they were running in the under 8 category. Definitely ones to watch for Ryton Tri in the future!! Also running was Pheobe with a great big smile on her face - was this due to the fact that she was running in a race for 4 year olds and over and she's only 3???


Prince Bishops Challenge 2012
Important news

We found out recently that the Tyne Valley cycling club have organised their "round the reservoir" cycle event for the same day as we set for the Prince Bishops challenge and as this is on rolling closed roads we realised that we could not hold our events on the same date and needed to make some quick decisions.

After consulting with the sailing club, who host the event, we have agreed to move the events to Saturday 5th May 2012 at the same time of 9.30am start. All other race details will remain the same. Full details of the challenge which includes a Sprint race over half the standard distance as well as the classic Prince Bishops Standard distance race can be found at Prince Bishops race details 2012.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused in changing the race day and would appreciate your continued support as we have put a lot of work into rearranging the race following the date clash which could not have been predicted.

Bike Skills Coaching Sessions
Ryton Tri are running a series of bike skills coaching sessions over the next 3 weeks with the aim of building confidence for riding safely in groups. The sessions are FREE and open to both club and non club members and will focus on:

  • Bike handling and coordination
  • Correct braking and cornering
  • Communicating and movement in a group
The sessions are designed to suit beginner/ intermediate cyclists and can be undertaken on any type of bike. No specialist clothing is required other than a CYCLE HELMET, just bring something warm and a waterproof.
Although the sessions are planned to build skills throughout the course it is not essential to attend all three weeks as each sessions is is taught as a self contained unit. So come along even if you can't be there for all of them.
The dates and times for the sessions have been set so that Saturday swimmers will not have to miss any of their classes and are: Sat 14th Jan 2:00pm till 3:30pm Sat 21st Jan 2:00pm till 3:30pm Sat 28th Jan 2:00pm till 3:30pm
The venue is to be confirmed but will be either Blaydon Leisure Centre or Gateshead Stadium. Anyone wishing to attend the course if they could please fill out the Rider information form attached (or to download here) and bring it to the first session. Anyone under 18 MUST also have the parental consent form signed by a parent/guardian before they will be able to take part.
The course will be coached by Haydn Maughan and Paul Gertig as part of their Level 2 Cycle Coaching course.

Watt Bike Race Nights at the Ryton Tri Gym - next race night Sat 28th Jan
Yesterday (30th Dec) was the last Watt Bike Race night of 2011 and what a night it was! By the end of the evening, you could cut the testosterone that was in the atmosphere with a knife!!! Sitting in front of the animals - sorry boys - as they tried to shave that extra nano-second off their PB was quite a scary place to be. The boys were giving it all they've got, but I wasn't sure the bikes were going to take it!!

I don't have any dates for next year, but I'll get them up when I have them. Race nights are open to all - not just Ryton-Tri members and although there was a cohort of strong wimmen (well maybe 3 out of the 4 were strong) present, I think we could do with seeing more wimmen! Here are some photos of the night.

They all look like gentle babies...

Until the flag goes up!

Bloody animals!!

Watt Bike Race nights cost £5 per head. Can anyone who plans to come along, please give the gym a call on 0191 413 5050. The format is: a group will be warming up on spin bikes, a group racing on the Wattbikes and a group cooling down on spin bikes. Various distances etc etc. So come along and give it a go!

Laguna Phuket International Triathlon
Congratulations to Big E who came 3rd in his age group and who also come third in the Asian Half Ironman Championship which earned him a slot for the World half Ironman Championships in Las Vegas next September. He kindly sent me this tasteful photo of him in a pair of questionable shorts:

Hexhamshire Hobble
Well done to Jane Hodgson for coming 1st female in a time of 1:20 - only 2 mins slower than Gareth Huxley who came 10th. Also taking part was Ian Walton (26th), Fred Smith, Ruth and Graeme Dance and Marie Helene Joyce

Grand Prix Results

Ryton Tri did really well this year in the Grand Prix awards!


1st senior female
Marie-Helene Joyce
1st male junior
Calum Johnson


1st overall male
Philip Addyman
1st V40 male
Philip Addyman
2nd vintage male
Les Anderson
1st junior female
Kyah Hall
2nd overall female
Rachel Walmsley
1st V40 female
Rachel Walmsley


1st senior female
Natalie Batey (still ours in her heart she says!)
2nd v40 female
Rachel Walmsley
1st female junior
Kyah Hall
1st male junior
Daniel Johnson
2nd male junior
Michael Hall
3rd youth male
Greg Chambers
3rd v50 male
Eric Blakie

Ryton Tri Awards 2011

Click here to see who won what at the Club do 12th November

***Big-E completes Hawaii Ironman***

Eric ( Big E) completed the hawaii ironman last weekend the first in the club. He did a time of 13:33:45 overall with a 1:25:02 choppy swim a 6:24:56 bike including a flat tyre 30 miles from the end and a run of 5:28:56 after struggling with a calf injury the week before. Read his own report here.

Kielder Marathon
Congratulations to Jane Mooney for coming FIRST lady at Kielder marathon and to Joe Horne who came 11th in a sub-3 hour time.

Henley Challenge
13 might be an unlucky number for some, but for Gareth Huxley, this was his position in last weekend's Henley Challenge (Ironman distance) coming in an eye-watering time of 9:47. Also doing this Challenge was Ian Maddison who did it in 11:22. Well done to both of you! Talking about Ian, I forgot to post that he did the Chevy Chase recently - so I'm making amends now !! Gareth has just provided me with his blog - read it here.

Newbiggin Triathlon
Congratulations to Jane Mooney for winning the Newbiggin triathlon and to Denise Parkin who was 1st vet and to Kyah Hall who was 2nd junior and Jennifer Batey who was 3rd senior. Also competing was Daniel Johnson who came 10th overall and 4th junior, Ian Hesler, Diane Chaney, Mark Wouldhave, Andy Stevens and Marie Helen-Joyce.

IRC Weekend Open Triathlon Race
Tristar 1 results
Tristar 2 results
Tristar 3 results

Helvellyn Triathlon 2011
race run in warm, windless, sunny conditions (after torrentail rain all day saturday). The winner, Martin Cain, apparently broke Brownlee's course record, doing something like 3hrs 27mins. Gareth was third overall!!!!!!!!!! and Jaci was 2nd V40 [I thought she was injured?], one place up on last year. everyone else did pretty well with Madders, Laura and Dean getting good time improvements on previous. Joe Horne did well getting into top 30 overall (subject to conf) NB no photo of Joe or Tim P - it's tricky enough trying to catch people in Ryton kit! Photos here and provisional results here.
Philip Addyman

****Stop Press****

Big-E makes it to Hawaii !!


While we were all screaming for our teams in Nottingham, Big E was competing in Ironman Canada in blistering heat. A very emotional Eric rang us last night because he had finally: FINALLY: FINALLY qualified for Hawaii!!!!! So he'll be Father-of-the-Bride on 1st October and Ryton Tri's first Hawaii competitor on 8th October. A week in the life of Eric Blakie!

Team Ryton Tri

bring back

silver and bronze

from the National Relays

General report here and the Ladies' V40's report here, and photos here.

Read Calum's Junior race report here.


Congratulations go to

Mr & Mrs BFG

aka Mr & Mrs Gary Forster

who got married recently in Cyprus

Stockton Triathlon
Congratulations to Calum Johnson and Kyah Hall who were both 1st Juniors and 3rd overall. Calum would probably have come 1st overall had some badly-acquainted marshall not sent both Calum and Daniel the wrong way on a bike section!!! Why doesn't the marshall come forward and admit their mistake?? Calum was first out the water, followed by his brother, with Kyah 5th out the water. Calum posted the fastest run split. Also competing were Joe Horne who posted the fastest bike split (watch out Mr Addyman......!) and Colin Gardener (8th fastest bike split - not bad for a man his age!! hee hee ). Oh, and apparently our Les was greeted by the Mayor when he crossed the finishing line! Full results can be found here.

Lands End to John O'Groat/John O'Groat to Lands End
Ashley Gouch and David Holmes have completed the LEJOG in July - an amazing achievement by any standards - even more so for the pair of them as Ashley has had a total hip replacement and David is a new dad and suffering from sleep deprivation!
Also doing this incredible journey, but this time JOGLE, was Kirsty Anderson. Now, I'm sure Kirsty holds the record for the greatest number of times one can fall off a bike and I'm sure she hadn't done many long distance rides before this one - so well done! Kirsty tells me that the JOGLE is her base-training for her next challenge - RAAM! Read all about her JOGLE journey here.

Congratulations Sasha Ban

you are now an


Ryton Tri now has another new Ironman
Sasha Ban
Sasha finished in an impressive time of 15:08:41 (1:23:31, 8:14:11, 5:08:45) and says "if she can do it - anyone can! [em..... not me!!] The most scared I have ever been in my life!! Everybody seemed so much taller, fitter and stronger than me as I entered the lake, I was the only one coughing too!! A fantastic experience for the whole family. I would like to thank everybody for their support at the club, especially the coaches and significant gratitude goes to Coach Col who got me there!!"

Hilly 21 TT
Well, apparently it was a very wet day for the Hilly 21 - I wouldn't know - I was sunning myself on a very hot beach in Kefalonia!! Congratulations go to Shaun Tyson and Hilary Ross who won this race in times of 48:05 and 59:18 respectively. Well done to our Philip Addyman who was first from Ryton over the line in 50:29, finishing 5th overall. The Pocket Rocket (aka Jaci) came 3rd in 1:00:17. Other Ryton times were:
Ray Bell - 57:03
Laura Addyman - 1:00:52
Bob Phillipson - 1:03:27
Kirsty Jones - 1:05:26
Diane Chaney - 1:05:33
Joe Horne - 1:19:53 (Joe received an 24 minute penalty for missing his start time - silly boy!)
Full results can be found here.

Fireman's Triathlon
Congratulations to Kyah Hall who came 1st Junior and Michael Hall who was 3rd Junior. Full results can be found here.

Teasdale Triathlon
Congratulations to Ian Walton who came 1st Vet and 4th overall

Chevy Chase
Ruth Fletcher - as a testament to her bottle, strength and courage - came 1st in her age category in the recent Chevy Chase race and Joe Horne came an impressive 10th.

Couples Challenge
Diane Chaney came 2nd overall and 2nd V40
Gareth Huxley came 2nd overall and 2nd V40
And congratulations to our newest member Marie-Helene Joyce who took part in the Couples Challenge 3K swim and came 3rd!!
Sun City Triathlon
Turned into a duathlon due to the 10ft swell !!
Calum 2nd overall 1st jnr
Rachel 2nd overall and 1st vet
Alan Blakie 5th overall 1st senior
Joe Horne 8th ooverall and 3rd senior
Big E 3rd S-vet
Clive finished not last!!

Some other late news:
Diane and Andy both did the Cowman (half ironman) on 2nd July. Diane in a time of 5:47 and Andy in 5:55
Sue Chester finished the La Marmotte on 2nd July. 'What can one say? The Daddy of them all, the Doyenne of Cyclosportives, this is the star in the calendar, the most difficult one day event for amateur road cyclists in Europe. The route traces a northerly course out from Le Bourg D'Oisans (the town at the bottom of L'Alpe D'Huez) over the Col de la Croix de Fer into the Maurienne valley, and then clockwise back to Bourg via the Col de Telegraphe and the 2,600m+ Col du Galibier (by its far harder northern side) - finishing with the ascent to the ski station at L'Alpe D'Huez. For some reason very popular with Dutch riders, who seem to make up a large proportion of the foreign entry every year (where on earth do they train for this in the Netherlands?!). Not for the timid, it is a case of bon courage if you enter and chapeau if you finish. Anyone entering the elite of amateurs who have climbed 5000m in a day on a bike will be unlikely to forget the experience. A medical certificate is required to enter this event.'


It is with great sadness that we have to post news such as this. We have just heard tragic news that Ruth drowned on Sunday in a diving accident off the Farne Islands.

This is a massive shock knowing that only the day before, Ruth was at Blaydon for our swim session.

Ruth was one of the founder members of Northumberland Fell Runners and for the last few years has been a member of Ryton Triathlon Club.

Ruth recently became a Vet 60 and, even though she had some serious health issues a few years ago, continued to take on any challenge, shirking none. Despite not being able to perform at levels that she had before, she just went out and did it. And enjoyed everything she did with a laugh and a smile.

What many of you may not know is that in years gone by, Ruth's pedigree as an athlete was of the very highest standard. She held World and European titles in Triathlon and Quadrathlon events and has enjoyed great success in fell races at every level.

Ruth was truly one of life's great personalities and characters, and with great talent too. She will be very much missed. Races will be quieter places without her; of that there is no doubt!

At this stage we have no information regarding funeral arrangements but we will post this as soon as we know anything.





Congratulations go to
Alan Copland and Claire Jackson
for coming 1st overall at today's
Ryton Tri Standard Distance Triathlon

ac cj
(more photos can be found here) and results here.

Hetton Lyons Youth and Junior Triathlon results

Calum and Daniel!

Two of the super-sonic Johnson triplets had a catastrophic race in Wales at the weekend. Callum was rammed into by someone on his bike: he fell off and was knocked unconcious for a while. He's damaged his right hip and his left arm has a nasty cut requiring stitches. Meanwhile, in true "triplet-psychy-mode", Daniel also came off his bike and has fractured his right hand, damaged his knee and ankle and will be getting an MRI scan soon to assess the damage. It goes without saying that neither of them will be training for some time never mind competing. And there were some very important races coming up soon for them. We wish them both a speedy recovery!


Ryton Tri has another new Ironman
Tim Pigott has completed Ironman Austria
in an incredible time of 10:07:51
Tim said he would have done a sub 10, but his tummy had other ideas! :-)

Ironman Nice
The BFG is now an Ironman! Well done Gary.
His time was 15:49:48
and had his coach a tad worried, but he did it!
What next for Gary??

Northumberland Tri Sprint 26th June
There's no stopping Rachel this year - she won the Northumberland Tri sprint on sunday in a time of 1:16:42 - well done Rachel. Kyah Hall also came 1st female youth (and 3rd overall) in a time of 1:17:44. And Jen Batey got 2nd senior and Ian Walton came 3rd Vet. Another excellent result for Team Ryton-tri!

A Day in the Lakes
Meanwhile across in the Lakes, Team Ryton-tri were also doing well. Mrs Andrew Hodgson(aka Jane Mooney) got 1st Senior. Gareth Huxley came 3rd Vet, Jaci Swinbank 3rd Vet, Eric Blakie 1st Supervet. This was Jane's first attempt at this distance (having only ever done sprints in the past) and decided to give herself this challenge on reaching the very old age of 30 on the day of the race. Race report and photos here.

Newcastle PLD Children's Triathlon 2011
Well done to Beth Maddison, Richard and Nina Lane for taking part in today's children's triathlon at Benfield School. Photos can be seen here.

Team (female) Ryton-Tri sweep the board at the Cleveland Short Triathlon!
What a fantastic result for our girls:
1st Vet - Jaci Swinbank
2nd Vet - Rachel Walmsley
3rd Vet - Denise Parkin
Full results can be found here and photos (courtesy of Andy Beatty) here.

Stirling Triathlon
Congratulations to Alan Blakie who came 12th overall at Stirling Triathlon on Sunday.

QE11 Triathlon
Another big turn out for Ryton Tri on this very cold day at the QEII lake, but despite the cold, Team Ryton-Tri did very well indeed:
1st vet went to Rachel Walmsley (1:18:09) which would have won her a place in the World Championships if she'd wanted it!
Philip Addyman came 7th vet (1:09:12), however, recorded the fastest bike split in his category.
Daniel Johnson came 5th junior (1:12:04). (Something must have happened to his brother Calum, as his results were unusually low down in his category - I'm sure someone will tell me)
Laura Addyman came 3rd vet (1:22:18)
Stacey Armstrong came 7th senior (1:20:26)
Jennifer Batey came 9th senior (1:24:18)
Sasha Ban did very well too - this was her first open water triathlon and after some initial anxiety about what clothes to wear on the bike/run enjoyed the the whole experience!
Full results can be found here and photos here. Thanks for the loan of your iPhone Sasha and your camera Laura G - hope I've managed to get some good shots!

Wetherby Triathlon

Three hardy souls from Ryton went down to do the Wetherby Triathlon: Tim Piggot, Fred Smith and Ian Walton. This is Ian's account:

The conditions were pretty tough, the river swim was nice and baltic and then it poured down on the bike, the cold was eating into me on the bike, but I was in 11th position after T2. Had a nightmare trying to take my bike helmet off as I couldn't feel my hands, the same for my running shoes. I started getting cramps in my hamstrings and calves in T2 which wasn't a good omen for the run. Managed to fight back the cramps in my legs to hobble and stumble over the line in 15th position and 3rd Vet out of nearly 200 athletes, so not too shabby.

Keswick Mountain Festival
Congratulations to Joe Horne for coming 2nd in the Borrowdale 20K Trail Run in challenging conditions. The challenging conditions at the Keswick triathlon also took its toll on the Ryton Tri team that went through. Gutsy Diane survived all 3 disciplines and came 2nd vet, and Eric Blakie came 3rd supervet. Graham Jackson and Andrew Alpin also successfully completed the course.

Kirsty Jones and I know very well what the conditions must have been like as we were doing the Crossing Borders 100 mile challenge in aid of Action Medical Research on the same day. This ride was a very well organised and signposted route through beautiful, quiet Northumberland roads. If anyone is looking for a good Ironman training ride, then look no further. Action Medical Research have a number of rides organised throughout the country. Click here for more details.

Haltwhistle Kids Triathlon

Congratulations go to Michael Hall for coming 1st Junior in the One Life Kids Triathlon at Haltwhistle. And well done to both Beth Maddison and Nina Lane for completing their first triathlon!

Cleveland Sprint Triathlon
Read Phil's race report here.

Darlington Tri
Firstly, welcome back to Ian Walton. Ian used to be in the club, and has now returned. Ian competed in the Darlington Tri at the weekend and came 2nd Vet and 7th overall for his first tri of the season.

Success for Rachel - again!
Rachel podiums again. 2nd overall and 1st V40 by a country mile at the "3 Spires Triathlon" in Lichfield, finishing in 1 hr 11 mins. Another excellent result Rachel - well done.

Another success for Swinny's Hinnies - The Fred Whitton

Despite it raining all night long, despite Jaci falling off her bike the previous week and leaving a considerable amount of skin on the tarmac, suffering concussion and receiving 9 stitches to boot, and despite John and Laura getting a puncture, Swinny's Hinnies completed the Fred Whitton in an impressive 9:08. Excellent result! Oh, and Fred Smith completed it in 8.45 - well done him! And just in - Les did it in 12 hours! Fantastic!

Ashington Tri

Another fantastic day for Ryton-tri! Jane Mooney 1st Senior Female, Calum Johnson 2nd overall, Daniel Johnson 2nd Junior, Mike Hall 3rd Junior. Full report and results will follow shortly.


London Marathon
Despite a sore calf, Dave Garner 'limped' round in an impressive 2:55! Also running was Kirsty Anderson who had "one of the best days of my life - took me 4:38 and I grinned for every one of those 278 minutes". Also there was one of our young lads - Calum Johnson - who did the mini-marathon (which is a 5k) and came 7th in a gob-smackingly quick time of 14:55 - jeeeeezz!


Peterlee Triathlon
What a fantastic result for Ryton-tri! 1st, 2nd, 3rd female and 1st for female junior! Read Diane's report on the race here.


Allendale Challenge 2011
Congratulations to Ian Maddison who completed the challenge in 4 hours 58 and to Ruth Dance who completed it in 5.32 (third female).

Durham Duathlon
Well, it's been a very busy and successful weekend for Ryton-Tri! Phil Addyman was 1st overall and Rachel Walmsley was first female. So that's a first for Mr & Mrs A this weekend and an excellent result for Rachel's first race of the season - I'm sure there'll be more successes to write about for her. Full results can be found here and a report here.

Ryton-tri 2-Up

Another pleasant day for this annual event. This year it was won by Jon Sturman and John Tuckett of Activ Cycles in a time of 37:35! Ryton did well too with Jaci and Laura winning the fastest female team with a time of 48:37 - quicker than last year and on a windier day! Another Ryton winner was Haydn (can't remember which category!). And there might have been others, but exhaustion, after having cycled faster than I've ever cycled before, has crept in and I can't remember! Someone will prompt me I'm sure :-). Full results can be found here and photos here.

Sue Gardener

Sue storming along!

Stokesley Duathlon

First big race of the season kicked off with the Stokesley Duathlon. Provisional results show Philip Addyman 3rd overall and 2nd vet, David Garner 7th overall and 4th senior. Kyah Hall was 1st junior. A full report can be read here. Well done everyone who entered. Provisional results can be found here.

Ryton's Pin-up

Has anyone bought/read the recent 220 magazine? Well, one of our gang is the June pin-up! See if you can recognise who it is......

Philip Addyman

Regional Grand Prix

Triathlon results: Well, the Ryton ladies (and girls) have done extremely well this year. Congratulations go to Natalie Batey (1st) and Kirsty Jones (2nd) in the senior category and Denise Parkin (3rd) in the vet category. And congratulations to Kyah Hall (1st) and Abby Jack (2nd) in the junior category. Don't know what the blokes have been doing this year! :-)

Duathlon results: Ryton ladies have done well too - Diane Chaney 1st vet and Rachel Walmsley 3rd senior.

Big E wins his age group at the Laguna Phuket Triathlon

10th Anniversary Club Party/Awards Do

Awards - click here to see who won what!

Fun awards will be up soon.......

Other photos of the night can be seen in the Gallery.

Hamsterley Duathlon

Congratulations to Joe Horne on coming 9th (1:55:06) at the recent Hamsterly Duathlon. Joe is coached by Colin so I hope he's as happy as Joe is with the result. Also competing was our very own Ruth Fletcher who completed it in 2:43:34.

Nice Race, Shame About the Car Park

On 17th October, Madders was, almost, Ryton Tri's only competitor in the Kielder Marathon. Click here to find out how he got on.

Gibside Trail Race

Congratulations to Philip Addyman for coming 18th in total at the Gibside Trail Race last Saturday. Congratulations too go to Diane Chaney (8th V40 and 28th fastest woman), Ian Maddison and Sasha Ban.

National Relays Write up

A little bit late, but hey! Click here to read Colin's report of the weekend

Congratulations to Dawn Gardener our newest Ironman!

Dawn successfully completed the Barcelona Challenge ironman distance triathlon on Sunday 3rd October. I can't find her times, but I'm sure she'll do a report when she gets back, so watch this space. A fantastic result for Dawn and made all the more amazing as she went to Barcelona by herself, survived the openwater swim section, which she was fearing, survived falling off her bike, I hear due to a stray child walking in front of her, and survived the 26 mile run. WELL DONE DAWN!

New section to Ryton Tri Website

I've decided to add a new section to the Club's website - Member Profiles. This will be the place where we can showcase particular members for something that they have done/will do or just something about them that makes them stand out from the crowd. So if you know of anyone that needs a particular mention then please send their details to Jenny Stewart (contact details on the Club's Committee page).

For this month, I've decided to mention someone whose surname probably gives her a head start before she's even got to the start line: Dawn Gardener - if you're new to triathlons or new to Ironman - check out her story in the new Member Profiles page.

Newbiggin Tri

Newbigging Tri

Newbiggin Tri report to follow shortly.

Helvellyn 2010


Denise does it with her usual distinction! Second kiss she'd blown at me as I'd missed the first one! Clearly, The Struggle is far too easy for this woman! Read Mark Wouldhave's report here. Photographic evidence can be seen in the Gallery.

Provisional results show that Philip Addyman came 8th overall (out of a total entry of 605 entrants) - incredible result - and came 2nd Vet. Other achievements: Jaci 3rd V40, Denise 6th V40 (she would have been quicker had it not been for her spectacular fall on the run section), Laura 8th V40, Eric 4th V50. Finally, congratulations to Gary Forster for completing Helvellyn Tri - all that excellent and determined training throughout the year paid off! :-)

2 new Ironmen for Ryton Tri

Sam Grant became an Ironman on the 8th of August doing the Outlaw Triathlon. He has promised me a race report, so watch this space.

Brian Skean also became an Ironman on the 29th August doing Ironman Canada.

Well done both of you!

Alpe D'Huez race report

Click here to read Tim Pigott's report

Five go mad in Nottingham

Ryton Tri sent 5 crack teams down to Nottingham for the National Relays. No medals unfortunately as we were only able to enter the open teams but there were some outstanding individual results. Race report to follow shortly (hopefully!).

Hilly 21 TT results

Congratulations to John Tuckett of ActiveCycles/FentimensRT who did the course in 46:28. Results for Ryton tri were: Jaci - 2nd FV (1:01:03), Haydn Maughan - 3rd overall (51:04), Eric Blakie - 1st M50 (52:41) Nat Batey - 3rd F (1:03:51). Click here for the full results. And photos can be found here and in the Gallery.

Marshalling is a very demanding job and is taken very seriously. Click here to see how serious this marshall takes her job!!

2 Gold medals for Ryton Tri!

Read Philip's report of the Durty Tri

7 Virgins and a Gnome!

This is the unorthodox title of Madders' account of his exploits in Lanzarote. Click here to read it.

Couples Challenge Middle Distance Triathlon

Congratulations to Diane Chaney for 1st V40 position (5:10:06). Other entrants were Sam Grant (4:46:00), Bob Hogg (4:51:45), Andy Stevens (5:01:55)

Ryton Standard Distance Triathlon

Results are here and photos can be found here.

If at first you don't succeed, then tri again!

This could be the motto of the Ryton Tri that took place today, with every possible demon conspiring to thwart the organisers' best efforts to put on a decent event. First there was the precedent of the event having to be cancelled last year (despite a strong field in 2008), then there were problems with a dangerously pot-holed section of road that Northumbria County Council neglected to attend to (despite promises to the contrary) and, as if all this wasn't enough, competitors approaching the Sailing Club race HQ this morning were treated to the site of the Derwent Reservoir being blasted by a very strong wind with reported gusts of up to 60mph!

This ultimately meant that, despite the intentions of the organising team, the triathlon looked very much like it was heading towards a duathlon. This was finally confirmed to all around 30 mins before original scheduled start, when it emerged that the swell on the water was too much even for the safety kayaks to get out there: no safety kayaks, no swim.

So it was announced that it would be a 5k run / 40k bike / 10k run duathlon, with the original 5 k run replacing the swim. Cue a queue of people all telling me how well it would now suit me, the noted under-achieving swimmer. To be honest I was there for a triathlon and was already all wet-suited up and was probably as sad as anyone else not to be doing a triathlon, but I was happy that the organisers had pushed ahead and quickly and effectively made the effort to ensure we all had some sort of (safe) multisport event to compete in.

So at 10.15 around 70 or so competitors assembled for the run start. It went off pretty fast and about 6 guys made it back to T1 ahead of me, where I was quite surprised to be on equal footing with Dave Garner and just a bit ahead of Alan Blakie from Ryton. The bike was very windy on the outward lakeside section and final return from Kiln Pit Hill, but on the whole, I estimated that the wind was about 60% favourable and 40% adverse on the 2 lap circuit. I did a strong bike for the 25 miles, averaging 21.0mph and was quite happy to be on a non aero bike with narrow section rims as I seemed to fare better than most in the nasty cross wind section on the A68. Despite doing a fairly good bike I was told that I was third into T2 with the leader over 4mins ahead. Dave Garner had done a strong bike and was able to pass me within the first half mile of the run as I settled down to the fact that I couldn't get the gap to the leaders back, nor could I beat him so I concentrated on consolidating first V40.

The final twist in the trials and tribulations of the 2010 Ryton Triathlon occurred when, just 10 mins into the run, I suddenly saw the two leader powering back on the run towards the finish, having both of them turned at the turn for the previous 5k run, rather than the further point that they should have taken for the second 10k run. This suddenly left Dave in front and me in second, with him going on to finally finish around 3 minutes ahead of me. I was relieved to see that all the competitors behind us were indeed following us out to the 10k turn point so the majority of competitors did indeed complete the revised duathlon event as specified. It was very bad luck for a severe wind to be blowing on the day, so scuppering the swim, but I think the good will of the organisers and the spirit of the competitors overcame adversity on the day and the majority of us who got up for a 630 am breakfast on a Sunday were glad that some kind of a race was still run. It was good to see that very few competitors turned home when the duathlon was announced and most stayed to take part in a slightly different event than they had perhaps envisaged. Congratulations again to Richard and his organising team and LONG LIVE THE RYTON TRI EVENT.

PS apologies for slightly one-sided report but that's what you get when written on same day as race when full results not up yet.

Brief Ryton Tri results from memory in key categories:

Senior male: 1st Dave Garner; 3rd Alan Blakie

V40 Male: 1st Philip Addyman

V50 Male: Eric Blakie

V40 Lady: 1st Denise Parkin; 2nd Jaci Swinbank; 3rd Diane Chaney; 4th Laura Addyman


Cleveland Steelman

I'm sure Lance Armstrong doesn't have to write up Tour reports when he's finished a stage....

Ryton Tri fielded a team of 9 for the Steelman. Included in this 9 were 4 new to this distance (Sam, Natalie, Kirsty and Jenny). The weather was kind if a little breezy. First out the water was Natalie followed shortly by Sam. Jaci went on to record the fastest female bike split for the race and if that wasn't enough, then recorded 1:30 for her run to take the winning slot. Apparently she won because she actually ran the whole run rather than walking sections in order to admire the view! Diane really enjoyed seeing Jaci, Natalie and Denise come 1, 2, 3 into T2.

Despite leaving parts of his flesh on the tarmac after negotiating a gravelly corner in an effort to try and catch Denise, Bob managed to continue on to the end of the race. Natalie only dropped her 1st cat position in the run section (apparently she got bored) and therefore went on to win 1st place for her first attempt at a middle distance triathlon - result!! This was also Kirsty's first attempt at this distance and it was also her most enjoyable (she certainly looked very happy when I saw her on the run). She reckons her careful administration of her drugs - sorry nutrients (she is a GP) made everything all the more pleasant. Clearly Ironman material but she says she's not interested. Jenny had made careful plans back home of ensuring her Will was up-to-date and all her papers in order before embarking on the challenge she had set herself for being 50 this year. And when both her calves cramped up on the last stretch of the swim, there was a moment when she thought that her Will would have to be read! Being in agony made not a hoot of difference to her coach (Sue) who told her to quit moaning and get on with the race. Jenny made one very small eensie-weenie error in T1 which her loyal team of supporters thought was hysterical. It was nearly too much, however, the image of Sue's laughing face kept Jenny going on the long bike ride. The run was made bearable by the tremendous support of Ryton team mates and she even managed a sprint finish as a consequence of the cheers of her team to take 3rd place (ok there were only 3 in her category!) and most importantly - there were 3 (younger) blokes behind her!!

Jenny and Kirsty would like to thank all their supporters and in particular John Swinbank who was absolutely fantastic - from checking our bikes, to encouragement on the sidelines.

Jaci - 1st overall

Denise - 2nd Vet

Natalie - 1st Senior

Jenny - 3rd Super-vet

All in all a grand day out!

(Apologies that this report is female-orientated - if one of the blokes competing would like to write their report - please send it to me - my email address is on the Committee page.)

National TTT story

Boys will be boys ... Ryton Tri Club sent two 3 man teams down to the National Team Time Trial Championship today on a fairly flat 33 mile course run along much of the same roads as the Cleveland Olympic Tri. The organisers automatically designate teams from the same club as A, B, C etc. so this set up a bit of inter-club rivalry as Haydn Maughan, Gareth Huxley and Philip Addyman were designated "Ryton A", whilst Colin Gardener, Dave Garner and John Swinbank were titled "Ryton B". In the end both teams were separated by just a minute with the A team prevailing in 1:19:48 against the B team's 1:20:28 to give averages of 24.8 and 24.5 mph respectively for 19th and 20th places. The winning team was a pro roady team, Marshalls Pasta full of Olympic squad medallists who did 1:06:13 at just a whiskers less than 30mph! It should be noted they probably don't swim and run quite as fast as assorted Ryton Triers. The course was quite tough with a headwind out to Northallerton, which made the little drags even harder and a tailwind on the back straight, followed by a turn into the headwind again for the last 5 miles - not very nice. All in all not a bad day out and what this tester malarky loses with its covert early morning starts, it gains with the nice sandwich spread and communal presentation afterwards. Photos can be seen here.

(Editor's note: a piece of piss in comparison with the Cleveland Steelman! :-))

As many people have asked what happened with Diane - here's her story:

A Day in the Lakes

A Day in The Lakes is becoming a favourite for the Ryton Tri Team and this second running of the event enjoyed perfect summer weather, just like last year. There were 11 from Ryton competing in this Half Ironman event than many finishers said was tougher than a full Ironman. This is probably due to the 56 mile bike ride that includes the tough climb of Kirkstone pass (from Patterdale) and then a steady climb on the A6 up to Shap to give 1250m of height in total. Conditions on the bike were tougher this year with a headwind out to Kirkstone, and also for the last 5 miles, that favoured strong bikers. The 13 mile run was over dry, hilly fell, with a tough 300m climb up Fusedale after 6 miles and the last 3.5 miles on road. Ryton sent a crack team for the men's event and ended up with 3 athletes in the top ten! Lanzarote sensation Dave Garner held his form to finish 3rd (05:03:06, 2nd Senior), Gareth Huxley (still nursing a broken foot!) 7th (05:10:30 3rd V40) and Philip Addyman 9th (05:12:46, 4th V40).

The team was happy to welcome Alan Blakie back into our colours and he finished 41st overall and 23rd Senior (05:40:38). His dad Eric pulled off a nice result in the V50 category coming 3rd (05:56:50). Bob Hogg was 12th V50 (06:34:58) and now has just the Steelman over the same distance to do next weekend!

Laura Addyman (06:50:54) and Sue Chester (06:53:25) both had excellent results in V40 Ladies category, with Laura finishing 5th and Sue finishing an excellent 6th on her debut. After being separated by just 3 minutes on swim times they then proceeded to do virtually identical bike and run splits.

Dave Thompson did a similar time to last year (06:43:30) and finished in 79th in his category, whilst Dean Swanston (07:53:23) and David Nicholson (07:12:17) both performed heroically on their debut. Dean jumped straight to doing the toughest half Ironman in the country directly from Sprint distance!

Finally, Philip and Gareth seem to have hit upon the magic numbers for pre-race hydration and are prepared to reveal to you all that it is ..... 3:1. (Three pints of real ale on the Friday night, one on the Saturday!)

Report by Philip Addyman

Cleveland Short Course

Another strong contingent of Ryton Tri athletes braved the attrocious weather and made their way down to Ellerton Lake for the Cleveland Short Course. Included in this bunch were some Olympic distance newbies (Rachel and Kirsty). The rain kindly stopped during the race for the (one) loyal supporter who stood shouting words of encouragement from the sidelines. First out the water was Natalie with a time of 22:40 followed by Andy Beattie (23:15) and then Dave Garner (24:08). Dave then went on to record the fastest bike split of all entrants with an incredible time of 1:01:24, quickly followed up by a run time of 34:19 making a total time of 2:01:59 earning him 2nd Senior place. On the female front, Natalie completed the race in 2:20:21 on "tired legs" for 2nd Senior and Rachel recorded a time of 2:25:37 giving her a podium slot (3rd Senior) for her first Olympic distance triathlon - excellent result! Kirsty surprised herself by not drowning in the lake and after asking Clive to keep an eye on her in the water, promptly left him in her wake as she stormed ahead! However, Clive was able to reel her in with his strong bike and managed to keep her at bay on the run. Full results can be found here and photos can be seen in the Rogues Gallery.

Castles Challenge Triathlon

Well, Jane Mooney has done it again with another amazing result: 2:22:42 10th place overall (ie there were only 9 blokes faster than her!) and her nearest female rival was a good 6 minutes behind her. She was 5th out of the water and 6th fastest runner with an incredible time of 37:06. Other Ryton Tri results were: Vanessa Butler 2:46:15 and David Nicholson 2:52:28. Full results can be found here.

QE2 Triathlon

Natalie Batey came 2nd in her age group with a time of 1:19:09. Andy Beatty was the fastest of the Ryton Tri lot with a time of 1:15:21. For Sarah Bradford it was the first time in a wet suit (borrowed) and the first time in an open water event - however that didn't phase her one bit and she completed her swim in a very acceptable time of 14:51 - 7th in category. Other times were: David Thompson 1:21:18, Bob Hogg 1:24:45, Mark Wouldhave 1:27:39, Jennifer Batey 1:28:42, Jenny Stewart 1:42:34. Full results can be found here.

Keswick Mountain Festival Results

Sunday 23rd also saw a large contingent of Ryton Tri (12) competing in this popular festival. The temperature of 28 degrees matched that of Lanzarote. Stacey Armstrong came 3rd in the Splash and Dash Tri. The longer triathlon saw Rachel Walmsey 4th senior and Diane Chaney 4th Vet. Rachel might have been quicker had she not decided to take a short cut and roll down the hill - leaving very dramatic bruising and gashes on her knee and legs! Full results can be found here.

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