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Hetton Youth, Junior & TriStars Open Water Triathlon 21 July 2018 (Saturday)

Hetton Youth & Junior/TriStars 2 & 3 Team Relay (Saturday)

Hetton Youth & Junior Sprint triathlon:



Hetton Lyons Super Saturday

Hetton Lyons Super Saturday - Individual Youth, Junior and TriStars 29th July 2017 (Saturday) Click here to enter

The Races on Sunday have been transferred to Sat evening after we were notified of the double booking of the venue.

Please see below the revised race day schedule for Sat 29th July. As you see the relay races have been added to the end of the schedule.

Any questions relating to the event to go to event.entry@outlook.com 

Here is the start list for Saturday.

Event Overview

Heats and finals for youth and junior athletes in an open water race format with closed road draft legal bike laps and spectator friendly viewing of swim, bike, run course. Individual open water races for TriStars 1, TriStars 2 and TriStars 3 athletes between the morning heats and afternoon finals of the youth and junior race programme.

Hetton Lyons Weekend - Youth & Junior/TriStars 2 & 3 Team Relay

The youth and Junior races are passworded and only athletes who have previously registered through Brit Tri will be allowed to enter. All T1 T2 and T3 entry is still open until 14th July so don't delay for the last remaining slots.

Event Overview

Four-athlete tag team relay races for Youth & Junior teams (1 youth female, 1 youth male, 1 junior female, 1 junior male) and TriStars 2 & TriStars 3 teams (1 TS2 male, 1 TS2 female, 1 TS3 male, 1 TS3 female) Super short fast triathlon tag relay races in open water lake swim, undulating tarmac bike loop and flat fast trail run. Super spectator friendly to view all the action.

Confirmed race timings

Race time Category Race distances
SATURDAY swim bike run
10:00 Junior female heat 1 300m 7.2K 1.8k
10:10 Youth girls heat 1  
10:30 Junior female heat 2  
10:40 Youth girls  heat 2      
11:00 Junior male heat 1 300m  7.2K 1.8k
11:10 Youth boys heat 1  
11:30 Junior male heat 2  
11:40 Youth boys heat 2      
12:00 Tristar transition opens & bike track lock down   
13:15 Tristar 1 race combined 100m 3k 1k
13:30 Tristar 2 boys  
13:45 Tritsar 2 girls  200m 5.4k 1.8k
14:00 Tristar 3 boys   
14:15 Tristar 3 girls  300m 7.2k 1.8k
14:30 Break       
14:40 Presentation Tristars         
15:00 Female Junior B final 300m 7.2k 1.8k
15:10 Youth girls b final  
15:30 Female Junior A final   
15:40 Youth girls A final      
16:00 Junior male final B 300m 7.2K 1.8K
16:10 Youth boys B  final  
16:30 Junior male A final  
16:40 Youth boys A final      
17:30 Tristar relay 150m 1.8k 900m
18:30 Youth/Junior relay
19:30 Presentation of Y & J and all relay results      

Friday evening on 28th July:

Registration will be open from 5pm - 7pm for Youth and Junior athletes at the Main Building, Hetton Lyons Park. 

There is also an opportunity to recce the venue but this needs to be a controlled, safe process so Head or Lead coaches will need to manage the safety of any athlete or group wanting to do this and not the event management!


08:00 Registration opens for youth priority
08:00 Youth roll out 
08:15 Transition opens 
08:30 Registration opens for juniors
09:45 Race briefing for youth & junior heats
10:00 Transition closes for all
11:30 Registration opens for  T1 priority
11:45 Registration opens for T2 and roll out
12:00 Registration opens for T3 and roll out
12:00 Transition opens for Tristar racking 
12:45 Registration for remaining relay athletes not already reg
13:00 Registration closes
13:00 Main race briefing for Tristar races
13:15 Transition closes for all
14:30 Transition open 
15:00 Transition closed
17:00 Transition open 
17:30 Transition closed

From an individual youth & junior race perspective, these are part of the Y&J Super Series. Entries follow the usual process of athletes needing to register their interest in racing on the BTF website.

The Performance team will assess the field at the closing date and select the best field from the roll down if it is over-subscribed.