Hetton Lyons Super Saturday


T1 Swim
T1 Bike run
T2 Bike
T2 Run
T3 Boys bike
T3 Boys run
T3 Girls
Scottish Podium
Swim Start


TriStar Female
TriStar Male
T2 Female
T2 Male
T3 Female
T3 Male
Female Junior Race 1
Female Junior Race 2
Male Junior Race 1
Male Junior Race 2
Female Youth A Final
Female Youth B Final
Male Youth A Final
Male Youth B Final

Relay results: due to the many competitors who were supporting their team-mates and crossing the timing mats when not racing, the company has had an impossible task to get the results totally accurate.  They will not be able to address any relay queries or make any amendments to the printed results. 

Youth & Junior Relay Final Splits
Team Relay Final Splits