Hetton Lyons Super Saturday Triathlon
20 July 2019

Colin and Sue would like to thank all the volunteers and marshals for their help in making this event a great success.

Full results here

The calm before the storm in transition….


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Tri star 1 boys
Tri Star 1 Boys 1st: Aidan Turner 2nd: Jamie Lonergan 3rd: William Gundy
Tri star 1 girls: 1st: Katy Otterson 2nd: Niamh Lonergan 3rd; Anna Johnson
Tri star 2 boys 1st: Alex Boyer 2nd: Jamie Stewart 3rd; Harry Gilligan
Tri star 2 girls 1st: Lauren Mitchell 2nd: alice Stawowska 3rd: Gabriella Horne
Tri star 3 boys 1st: Fergus Currie 2nd: Harry Courtney 3rd; Cameron McMillan
Tri star 3 girls 1st: Amelia Crispin 2nd: Eve Whitaker 3rd: Hanna Camden

More photos can be found here: