Hetton Lyons Super Saturday Triathlon
20 July 2019

Event Overview
Following another great success and fabulous feedback in 2018, we will be retaining the same format of youth and junior heats in the morning and finals in the afternoon. In between all this action will be the open water races for TS1, TS2 and TS3 athletes racing for valuable points in the regional Grand Prix.

Hetton lends itself to some super fast short races with spectacular viewing for supporters and spectators alike: being able to see all of the swim, run and most of the bike loops! The climax of the day will be the exciting four-athlete tag-team relay races for Youth & Junior teams (1 youth female, 1 youth male, 1 junior female, 1 junior male) and TriStars 2 & TriStars 3 teams (1 TS2 male, 1 TS2 female, 1 TS3 male, 1 TS3 female) will take place.
Athletes wishing to race up a category in the relay will require parental/coach approval prior to entry and will be eligible for prizes.

Those teams with athletes racing down or not following the format above of two male/two female will be allowed to race but not eligible for prizes.

For more details and how to enter click here.

Barney Tri 2019
2 June 2019

Event Overview

A unique opportunity to race around the grounds of one of the North East’s most scenic private schools. Following a swim in the 17.5 m length school pool you will ride your bike around the technical bike route of the main building perimeter (All the bollards etc will be removed for race day); then a cross country run around the fields to the rear. The event uses a split transition adding another dimension to the event.

Please note that we will request ‘estimated swim time’ in the entry process. This is the estimated time it will take to swim the distances for each age group in this specific triathlon. These are TSS-52.5m, T1-140m, T2-210m, T3-280m.

The event is part of The North East Region Junior Grand Prix and will be strictly subject to Gear Restrictions for TriStar 2s and TriStar 3s in line with all GP events. In 1900 a wall in the school was inscribed with a quotation from writings by John Ruskin: “That country is the richest which nourishes the greatest number of noble and happy human beings.” That’s our aim for the day – 100 happy kids!!!

For more information and how to enter click here.