We feel that we now have a great Junior section to Ryton Tri Club. With help from some secured funding back in 2015, we have several coaches qualified or in the process. As a trial, we planned an initial 12-week programme of coaching in the hope that this would become self-funding and would continue after the first 12 weeks. The sessions which started 1st August 2015 were very successful and we have gone from strength to strength: so much so that we now have a significant waiting list. The attendees are in the 8-13/14 age group. Coaches have all attended an Emergency First Aid Course and the majority (with the exception only of a couple of parents who are helping out) are DBS checked.

At the end of 2017 we have developed further and are offering the children the chance to advance through the club as they get older. When they reach the second year TS3 category they can move into the T3/Youth section. This session runs alongside the North East Academy and involves a Saturday afternoon coached swim 3-4pm followed by either track work or indoor S&C at the Leisure Centre.

Our joining criteria has evolved since we started. We are not equipped to actually teach the children to swim. We, therefore, will need proof that they have passed ASA Level 7 as a minimum and/or that they are swimming club members. We will test every new recruit over 100m front crawl so it is essential that this is within their capabilities.

This document gives a great deal more information on what we do.

How do I get involved?: Drop an email to Colin & Sue Gardener at rytontrikids@outlook.com

Becoming a Junior Member of Ryton Tri

Click hereto download our Junior information sheet
Click here to download our Waiting List Application form
Click here to download our Junior Code of Conduct form
Click here to download our Parents’ Code of Conduct form

Triathlon Training Times

Club Junior Sessions

For full details of all triathlon training, please see the Junior Information sheet above.

Spring/Summer: Blaydon Leisure Centre

Training takes place for the main group from 3.30 to 5.30.  Swim training takes place from 5.00 till 5.30.

Autumn/Winter: Blaydon Youth Club

Training takes place for the main group from 3.30 till 4.45.  Swim training takes place from 5.00 till 5.30.

Junior Section: Blaydon Leisure Centre: 3.00 to 4.00 swim followed either by track, run or strength and conditioning exercises.

Monday Swimming Session

Over 14 years can attend the club swim session at the Louisa Centre Stanley from
7:30-9:00pm. Swim Coach: Bob Hogg. Cost: £4.00 if you’re a member, £6 for non-members.
Over 14 years can attend the club swim session at the new Blaydon Leisure Centre
from 4pm – 5pm. Cost: £4.00 if you’re a member, £6 for non-members.


Contact Derwent cycling club for Go-Ride sessions at Whickham Thorns Centre.
Who meet at Hetton Lyons Park Saturday mornings 9am
Newcastle Pheonix Cycle Club


Check out Blaydon Harriers Who meet at Blaydon Leisure Centre on Tuesday and
Thursday evenings
Liane Brown, 07801 952 623, 16 Charles Court, Heaton, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NE6 2SN

or your local Harriers

The North East Performance Academy

If you’ve wondered how you can get involved with triathlons and how you can become part of the Performance Academy, click here to find out more information on this process.

North East Development Squad

The North East Development Squad take kids from age 9 to 14. For more information please contact Ian Simon at ian.simon@mail.com

For more information on triathlon in general, race calendar or how to progress contact Colin Gardener at colin.gardener7@outlook.com

Child Welfare Documentation: Click here for more information